What is a Nicotine Delivery System?

What is a Nicotine Delivery System?

A nicotine delivery system is a product or device that delivers nicotine into your system as an alternative to smoking combustible cigarettes.

Ecigs or electronic cigarettes, or better yet – Personal Vaporizers – are forms of a nicotine delivery system. There are a few products that fall into the category of a nicotine delivery system such as:

  • Nicotine Gum
  • Patches
  • Inhalers
  • Mouth Sprays
  • Lozenges

These are also in the category of “quit smoking aids,” something that the ecig or personal vaporizer industry isn’t allowed to do yet, even though it’s been proven that they do help people quit smoking with more success than any of the other products on the market.


Nicotine Delivery System Inhaler

Personal vaporizers are somewhat similar to a prescription inhaler in that you inhale like you would a cigarette or vape pen and the inhaler converts the nicotine to a vapor.

The difference is though that you don’t blow out any vapor after inhaling it. You just inhale to get the nicotine delivered, and that’s it. They definitely don’t give a smoker the same feeling as smoking like a vape pen will.

Oddly enough, some workplaces will allow you to use the nicotine inhalers indoors but not a personal vaporizer; however, the pharmaceutical company makes nearly the same claims. The inhaler allows you to receive the nicotine through inhaling without inhaling all of the other “nasty” things you inhale with a traditional combustible cigarette.

Isn’t that what our electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers also do?

nicotine delivery system vape

This is why I say that I believe we’ve done ourselves a big disservice by calling our devices electronic cigarettes. People still look at us as though we’re smoking, get a negative attitude about it and then simply refuse to listen to the facts.

I’m not sure how we’re going to get around it now because they’ve been called electronic cigarettes for nearly 20 years. But I think if individually we start referring to them as Personal Vaporizers when people ask what they are, we might start making some people think a little more positively about them.

Vaporizer Sounds Healthier Than Cigarette

I was outside a hospital recently and there is no smoking allowed on any part of the property of the campus. I was puffing on my vape pen and one of the staff came out and said, ‘You can’t do that here.’

I turned around, showed him my vape pen and said, ‘You mean my vaporizer?’ He looked at it funny and it was obvious it wasn’t a typical electronic cigarette. He just said, ‘Oh, it’s a vaporizer. You’re okay then.’

See? No arguments, no questions.

So, I’m thinking we all have to rethink what we’re calling our devices, even those that have the look and feel of a cigarette, like the Blu or Logic Premium. Yes, they are nicotine delivery systems just like any other product. But, they are technically vaporizers; however, because of the word ‘cigarette,’ people are immediately turned off.

What are your thoughts and experiences? Share them below!

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