No Nicotine eliquid Refills

No Nicotine eliquid Refills

As I’ve mentioned in a few of my videos, I DO NOT recommend or really advocate refilling the cartridges of your LOGIC ecigs. You can buy prefilled cartridges with Zero nicotine!

Besides, the little green tips on the LOGIC ecigs come apart when you pry them out. That’s because you’re not supposed to be refilling them! Need a fix for that? Watch my other video: Replacement Tips for LOGIC Cartridges.

But if you choose to do so, or if you’re looking for cheap no nicotine eliquid refills for your other electronic cigarette brands, this will do the trick.

“Recipe” for No Nicotine eliquid Refills

You can buy VG (vegetable glycerine) at Walmart or probably about any type of food store because it’s a food additive.

For the PG (propylene glycol), if you’re doing a mix, and to thin out the VG, I use Dr. RH Cigar Remedy 8 Ounces, which I got on You can get it here (and this IS an affiliate link!)

I recommend even a snub-nose (dull) needle attachment to the plunger because you’ll be able to inject the liquid down inside the cotton and completely avoid getting any into the tube inside.

I forgot to mention, keep a damp cloth nearby or some “baby wipes” because this is NOT a completely unmessy job!

Dr. RH Cigar Remedy 8 Ounzes Propylene Glycol (affiliate link):

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