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satisfying vape experience feature

How to Get a Satisfying Vape Experience in 3 Easy Ways

New vapers need a satisfying vape experience from day one to avoid giving up and going back to smoking traditional ...
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bag vaporizer feature

The Volcano Wins as the Best Desktop Bag Vaporizer

And now for something completely different... I mostly talk about portable vapes on this blog, but a desktop bag vaporizer ...
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yihi sx mini feature

YiHi SX Mini Line Wins the Market

Vaping devices from the line YiHi SX mini win the hearts of not only professional vapers with years of experience; ...
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smoke vs vapor feature

Smoke vs. Vapor – We Vape – We Don’t Smoke

Even after 10 or so years on the market, we still hear non-vaping people refer to vaping as smoking an ...
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adding extra pg to ejuice

Adding Extra PG to Ejuice

Getting the right consistency for your vape device by adding extra PG to Ejuice may save your coils and save ...
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cbd oil vaping temperature feature

Finding the Right CBD Oil Vaping Temperature

One of the biggest problems that people face when trying to vape CBD oil is finding the right CBD oil ...
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vaping health claims ads feature

UK Lifts Ban on Vaping Health Claims Ads

Authorities in Britain have decided to end a ban on vaping health claims ads and the decision is backed by ...
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letter to WHO

Vaping: A Letter to The World Health Organization

Experts are continuing to put pressure on the WHO (World Health Organization) to relax regulations on e-cigarettes. They ask that ...
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philip morris vape campaign

Cigarette Giant Launches Pro-Vaping Campaign

The world's largest tobacco company has embarked on a campaign to help people stop smoking and take up vaping instead ...
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WHO vs vaping

WHO is Again Criticized for Refusing to Support Vaping

The World Health Organization (WHO) may be in need of a checkup after it again refused to listen to medical ...
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