Premade RDA Coils – The Answer to Building Your Own

Premade RDA Coils – The Answer to Building Your Own

Premade RDA coils are coils that you can drop into an RDA and use immediately. They’re inexpensive, they have enormous vapor production and they’re incredibly easy to use.

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Tired of Building Your Own Vaping Coils? Try Premade RDA Coils Instead!

When members of the vaping community first created rebuildable atomizers, the only people who actually used them were experts. For most e-cigarette users, the idea of building, testing and maintaining vaping coils was simply too intimidating to bother with.

Today, though, coil building is more accessible than ever.

Tutorials on YouTube and other websites help to walk beginners through the coil building process, and tools such as coilers and resistance testers make the job easier. The one unavoidable aspect of coil building, though, is that it takes a significant amount of time.


If you use a high-power vaping device and prefer sweetened e-liquids – as so many vapers do today – you may need to build a new coil every day. That’s a significant time investment. Unless you really enjoy tinkering with your vaping gear, building coils can become old very quickly.

Using an RDA Has Two Major Benefits

Compared to a traditional sub-ohm tank, the vapor production of an RDA is enormous. In addition, the materials for coil building are extremely inexpensive.

While coils for sub-ohm tanks often cost up to $3.00 each, the wire and cotton for an RDA coil may cost only a few cents.

The downside of building an RDA coil, though, is the time investment involved. Swapping a sub-ohm tank coil takes a few seconds. Building an RDA coil might take a half hour!

If you’ve had your fill of coil building – but don’t want to go back to buying expensive replacement coils for a sub-ohm tank – you may have found yourself wondering if it’s possible to find a compromise between the two.

premade rda coils

In fact, the perfect compromise already exists! Premade RDA coils are coils that you can drop into an RDA and use immediately. They’re inexpensive, they have enormous vapor production and they’re incredibly easy to use.

What Are PreMade RDA Coils?

Premade RDA coils often come in boxes like the one pictured. A box of premade RDA coils usually contains several different types of coils, each with slightly different resistance ratings.

premade coils assortment

You’ll use one coil at a time if you have a single-coil RDA, or you’ll use two matched coils if you have a dual-coil RDA.

In addition to the convenience and reasonable cost, premade RDA coils have an additional benefit in that they often have fancy designs that might be difficult for you to build yourself.

An assortment of premade RDA coils might include alien coils, fused Clapton coils, hive coils, quad twisted coils and more.

Unless you have a wide assortment of different wire types, a hand drill and a lot of spare time, the coils that you’ll find in a coil assortment are probably much more complex than those you’d build on your own.

Aside from the fact that they look good in pictures, you might find yourself wondering why anyone would want to use such fancy coils. The answer is that twisting or braiding the wires in a coil results in a coil with very high surface area relative to its size.

The more surface area a coil has, the more vapor it’ll produce – as long as you have a vaping device capable of generating the required power. We’ll get to that shortly.

What Equipment Do I Need to Use PreMade RDA Coils?

If you already build your own coils, you probably have all of the equipment that you need to utilize pre-made RDA coils. This handy list will help you confirm that.

  1. Advanced vaping device: We recommend a device capable of reaching at least 100 watts and supporting a minimum coil resistance of 0.1 ohm.
  2. Rebuildable dripping atomizer: An RDA provides the build deck for your coils. Some rebuildable tank atomizers are also large enough to work with pre-made RDA coils.
  3. Cotton: You’ll need a steady supply of wicking material.
  4. Wire cutters: Pre-made coils are very thick; you can’t cut them with scissors. You’ll need a sharp, precise pair of wire cutters.
  5. Ceramic tweezers: Necessary for adjusting the coils while they’re hot.
  6. Scissors: A good pair of scissors can help you trim your cotton wicks.
  7. Resistance tester: It’s wise to always test the resistance of your atomizers before using them.

How Do I Use PreMade RDA Coils?

If you’re using a dual-coil atomizer, you’ll begin the coil building process by selecting two matching coils from your assortment. Don’t attempt to use coils with resistances that don’t match.

  1. Thread the leads of the coils through the posts of your RDA.
  2. Tighten the coils down, ensuring that they’re equal in length. Trim the leads as close to the posts as possible.
  3. Test the atomizer’s resistance before continuing.

When you buy an assortment of premade RDA coils, you’ll see the resistances of the coils on the box. If you build a dual-coil configuration, the final resistance of the atomizer should be half of what’s on the box.

If your resistance meter comes up with a number that’s drastically different, you have a problem that you must fix before continuing. Ensure that you’ve fully tightened the screws on your RDA and that neither of the coils is touching the build deck.

Pro Tip

If you have a postless RDA, you’ll need to trim the leads of your coils before installing them. That’s where a precise set of wire cutters really comes in handy; you won’t get the best possible performance out of your coils if they’re unequal in length.

If your atomizer’s resistance is what it should be, move the atomizer to your mod and adjust the mod’s wattage to a moderate level. Begin pulsing the atomizer until the coils glow orange. Between pulses, use your tweezers to compress the coils gently. Both coils should glow evenly from the middle outward.

Wicking the Coils

Lastly, cut two strips of cotton and thread them through the coils. Use enough cotton that you feel slight resistance when pulling the wicks through the coils; don’t use so much that you have to deform the coils to get the cotton through.

Fold the wicks downward after trimming them short enough so that they just reach the build deck. Wet the wicks thoroughly with e-liquid and enjoy.

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