Can Smokers Finally Quit By Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Can Smokers Finally Quit By Using Electronic Cigarettes?

Yes, smokers can quit by using electronic cigarettes, but the manufacturers of e-cigarettes aren’t legally allowed to make those claims because the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) hasn’t done any tests to validate the claim.

But all you have to do is hit some forums or blogs about electronic cigarettes and read some testimonials yourself.

Electronic cigarettes can be marketed as a safer or even healthier alternative to smoking real cigarettes, though, especially when smokers want to light up in public places. Since nothing is lit, there is no secondhand smoke floating around other people.

E-cigarettes can also offer an alternate way of getting your nicotine fix while still enjoying the sensation of smoking without all of the other harmful side effects of what are now being called “analog” cigarettes. With ecigarettes, you’re not burning anything, so you don’t have the tar and carbon monoxide like you do with real cigarettes.

People who are using a patch, gum or even a prescription medication like Chantix, can also use ecigs with a zero nicotine level to help get through the quitting process.

And many former smokers, like me, who have already quit are using e-cigarettes as a way to stay quit.

What about the nicotine levels in electronic cigarettes?

Most of the popular brands or manufacturers of e-cigarettes offer three to four levels of nicotine. Some call them “high” to “low” and some offer zero nicotine as the lowest level. The replacement cartridges have the same levels.

Others state the amount of nicotine by volume, or the percentage of nicotine in the cartridge. The most often seen are 1.8%, 1.4% and up to 2.4%. Anything lower than 1.8% is usually considered zero-nicotine because the amount is pretty negligible.

If you guy an ecig brand with a cartridge that can be refilled instead of buying replacement cartridges, you can pick up your favorite e-juice with zero nicotine up to 2.4% nicotine and experiment with different flavors.

How Many Former Smokers Used E-Cigs to Quit?

There is no data on this yet, because no one’s done any formal studies to test the “theory” that e-cigs can help you quit smoking. But again, just go online and look up some forums or Facebook groups about “vaping” or electronic cigarettes and read for yourself.

You can also find a lot of testimonials on YouTube of former smokers who use electronic cigarettes, or personal vaporizers as they’re also called, to kick the habit without the sometimes harmful or adverse side effects of the patch, gum or Chantix.

What if you don’t WANT to quit? Are e-cigs really a safer alternative?

Most people, including me, will say an absolute yes. What you’re inhaling is a vapor, not smoke, so right there you’re gaining a benefit. There is no tar or carbon monoxide in the e-juice or the vapor either, and you can lower your nicotine level considerably too.

But again, because the FDA hasn’t done any formal governmental testing on any of the devices yet, you’re still going to hear some federal agencies and doctors claim that they’re not safe. But there are some doctors who have their own patients as testimonials and witnesses that they are a safer alternative.

Some physicians have done before and after X-rays on their patients’ lungs and lung capacity and do see an improvement when their patients switch from smoking regular cigarettes to using vaping an e-cig.

The bottom line?

If you’re thinking about quitting or you’re looking for a safer alternative, or, like me, you’ve already quit and don’t want to go back to smoking, do your own research first. Visit some forums, Facebook groups, YouTube, etc.

Then try a few out to find what’s comfortable for you.

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