Six Million Europeans Quit Smoking with Ecigs

Six Million Europeans Quit Smoking with Ecigs

Can you quit smoking with ecigs? The research says yes!

A huge number of people quit smoking last year, and new research suggests it’s largely thanks to vaping.

A further nine million managed to reduce their cigarette intake according to the survey, which was published in the journal “Addiction.”

The survey was conducted by Dr. Farsalinos Konstantinos, a leading e-cigarette researcher who debunked the infamous burnt coil “formaldehyde” study.

quit smoking with ecigs formaldehyde

The Eurobarometer Statistics Show You Can Quit Smoking with Ecigs

Dr. Konstantinos was able to look at vaping and smoking data recorded in the 2014 Eurobarometer. The Eurobarometer assesses all 28 countries of the European Union, making it a treasure trove for statisticians.

According to Dr. Konstantinos, 48.5 million Europeans have tried an e-cigarette and 7.5 million are current users. An astonishing 35.1% of vapers have managed to completely quit smoking with ecigs, while an additional 32.2% were able to reduce their intake of cigarettes.

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There are an estimated 9 million current e-cigarette users in the US alone. If these numbers are accurate and applicable to the States, then vaping may be helping millions of Americans to quit smoking too.

The Summary of the Findings

Dr. Konstantinos summarized his findings as follows:

“The European Union data show that the use of electronic cigarettes seems to have a positive impact on public health for two main reasons: 1. High smoking cessation and reduction rates are observed, and 2. Electronic cigarette use is largely confined to smokers (current and former), with minimal use by non-smokers.”

These findings could potentially change the tone of the entire debate on vaping. If the research continues to show that e-cigarettes are mainly used as a quit smoking tool, then legislation could be modified to make it easier for them, not harder.

More Evidence Against the “Gateway” Theory

We already know from the UK’s Office for National Statistics that vapers are almost exclusively either current smokers or ex-smokers. Non-smokers continue to show little interest in vaping, beyond trying it once as an experiment.

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Dr. Konstantinos’ new survey confirms this. Just “1.3% of non-smokers reported current use of nicotine-containing electronic cigarettes and 0.09% reported daily use” according to Jacques Le Houezec, a scientist at the French National Research Institute for Health and Medical Research.

This survey suggests that while millions of smokers are giving up thanks to e-cigarettes, just a tiny fraction of non-smokers ever start vaping at all. In other words, it’s further evidence that vaping is not a gateway into smoking — it’s an escape rope out.

quit smoking with ecigs gateway

U.S. Studies from the American Vaping Association

This European study lines up with similar studies conducted in the US. Gregory Conley, president of the American Vaping Association, explains that…

Worldwide, vaping has undoubtedly helped over 10 million smokers quit. In the same year, this study was conducted, a similar population-level survey was performed in the United States. That 2014 study found that 2.4 million adults had quit smoking with vapor products.”

Dr. Konstantinos’ new survey is part of a pro-vaping trend in Europe. While doctors in the US are more concerned about the ‘Gateway Theory’, the Royal College of Physicians (RCP) and Public Health England both see e-cigarettes as a method of reducing the harm done by smoking.

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This article was guest written by Pascal Culverhouse, owner of the Electric Tobacconist.

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