Quitting Cigarettes-Kick the Habit for Good

Quitting Cigarettes-Kick the Habit for Good

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We are halfway through 2015. Do you remember that New Year’s resolution about quitting cigarettes? How is that going for you?

Well, if you are still on that cancer stick, it’s never too late to renew that promise. Maybe you did give an attempt at quitting cigarettes, only to relapse. Does this sound familiar? You are not alone.

The good news is that in 2014, more smokers quit and turned towards the vaping trend. The advancement of vaping technology has changed the landscape for smokers.

Gone are the days where you didn’t have a lot options to quit, with limited methods and products that did not work too well.

Going “Cold Turkey”

Going cold turkey may be the best and healthiest way to quit smoking. Yet, it may be the most difficult for some smokers. To abruptly quit can be a real shock to the system. Mind over matter, right?

A lot of those who did choose this method failed miserably. Relapse was a common theme. Several attempts later, there we were, at the gas station buying a pack of cigarettes and giving up the idea of quitting.

But for those of us who had that discipline, the benefits were immense. Freeing yourself from the chains of nicotine and all those chemicals in cigarettes was a Godsend.

Nicotine Gum and Nicotine Patch

Nicotine gum and “the patch.” These two products are a way for you to introduce nicotine levels into your system and take away that urge to pick up a cigarette.

These products tried to reduce that craving of nicotine by introducing it into your system at various levels. Eventually, the goal is to reduce it to the point where you don’t have much of an urge.

But these methods could only take you so far. You needed more than a nicotine-based gum or patch for quitting cigarettes and eliminating the craving.

The gum at least gave you something to do with your mouth – chew. But the patch didn’t do much at all except deliver the nicotine. And a lot of people had problems with nightmares and irritability while using it.

The Social Aspect of Smoking

Smoking also has a social aspect to it. At public venues or social gatherings, it is normal for smokers to gather like a pack of wolves and enjoy a smoke over some drinks. At work, on your breaks, coworkers mingle over a smoke.

The oral fixation and the calming of that inhale and exhale; it relaxes you. Gripping that cancer stick between your fingers and the whole process of smoking can’t be duplicated with these nicotine replacement products. So quitters tend to relapse after the attempt.

Smoking is more a habit than anything. The motion of picking up a cigarette, lighting it, holding it between your fingers; the social aspect of it all was missing. That’s what a lot of the “quit smoking” products failed to replicate.


Enter the Personal Vaporizer – Quitting Cigarettes for Good

This technology seems to have filled the gaps of other nicotine replacement products. Besides having the discipline to go cold turkey, vaping has become the one of the best ways to quit smoking, if not, THE BEST WAY.

In fact, in the past few years the word “vape” became synonymous with quitting cigarettes and allowed smoker to become “vapers.”

Vaping has become such a big business in the past few years, especially on the West Coast. California has exploded in popularity of smokers quitting cigarettes for a personal vaporizer.

The percentage of smokers among high school students has been on the decline. Smokers, in general, are becoming less in numbers due to a lot transitioning from tobacco cigarettes to vaping.

The vaping community has grown; knowledgeable people informing others of the potential benefits of vaping, and one by one, people are quitting.

A vaporizer, in its simplest form, mimics the feeling of smoking a cigarette. You can take it out to social settings, inhale and exhale and hold it in your hand similar to what you would do with a cigarette.

So if you are still trying to find a way to quitting cigarettes, maybe try these alternatives. These are the best methods available in the market today. And to get the extra help if you choose nicotine gum or the patch, pick up a personal vaporizer too.

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