Should You Refill LOGIC Ecig Cartridges?

Actually, the manufacturers don’t advocate or advise that you refill LOGIC ecig cartridges. Why?

The easy answer is that it takes away from their revenue. If people refill the cartridges, they don’t make money on the prefilled replacement cartridges.

And that’s true! But I think of it this way, the cartridges don’t last forever, so you’re going to have buy new ones anyway.

But if you only have to buy the prefilled cartridges a couple of times a month, you will save a lot of money just buying e-liquid and refilling the cartridges as many times as you can until they “burn out.”

And it’s not the atomizer that burns out; it’s the fiber filling inside that gets overused after about 5-6 refills.

How Long Does a Prefilled LOGIC eCig Cartridge Last?

That depends on how much you use it! The cartridges are said to be equivalent to two packs of cigarettes. So if you used to be a 2-pack a day smoker, each cartridge should last a day if you use your ecigs as often as you did a regular cigarette.

The cartridge should last you at least a day before you have to replace or refill it, but longer if you don’t “smoke” or vape as much.

How Much Money Can You Save by Refilling Them?

Each 5-pack of prefilled cartridges for LOGIC’s is $21 – here in my area of Pennsylvania or online at their website.

If I only buy new prefilled cartridges, I would spend about $42 or so a week because I’d need more than five cartridges to last a week.

A 10mL bottle of ejuice is about $5-$7, depending on where you get them. I buy my eliquid locally at $4 to $5 per bottle so I don’t pay shipping.

A $5 bottle of ejuice lasts me a week. So you do the math.

How to WASTE Money by Refilling Your Cartridges

You should be refilling the cartridges to save money, but if you refill them the wrong way, you’ll actually be throwing money away by damaging the cartridges and replacing them too often.

When you refill them, you don’t want to add too much ejuice or it will start dripping out of the bottom, which means it’s getting into the atomizer and damaging it.

You’ll also be overfilling the fiber fill inside or overfilling it and getting it into the tube in the center of the cartridge. And that tube goes directly to the atomizer.

So What’s the Best Way to Refill the Cartridges?

The best and the easiest and fastest way is to use a 1mL syringe with an 18ga pointed needle attached.
refill LOGIC ecig cartridges

Most eCig cartridges are supposed to be filled with exactly 1mL of ejuice. If you add more than that, you can damage the atomizer fast and burn it out. Then you’ll have to buy new cartridges sooner.

After using other ways to refill the cartridges for my LOGICs and burning out the cartridges too fast, I started using the syringe and needle method and find I can get about five to six refills on each cartridge instead of just two or three.

When you use the correct amount of ejuice and refill them the correct way, they’ll taste just like a brand new cartridge – and save you a lot of money!

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