Refillable Pod System Vapes for the Covert Vaper

Refillable Pod System Vapes for the Covert Vaper

If you’re looking for a way to do some covert stealth vaping, a refillable pod system is the ideal vape device to use, even more important if you use medical marijuana.

Even as medical and recreational cannabis grows in popularity and with more states legalizing its use, many places still ban its use, and vaping overall, in public places – even outdoors. Examples of places that ban smoking and vaping are hospitals and hospital grounds, restaurants, airports, and the list goes on.

If your vape device produces massive vapor clouds, it’s pretty hard to disguise what you’re doing, even if you step into a rest room to get a few puffs. Most of the time, vapers are relegated outside with the cigarette smokers or even forced to hide in their cars to vape.

Stealth Vaping with a Refillable Pod System

With so many places banning vaping today, more and more vapers are turning to stealth vaping using a refillable pod system so they can still vape incognito in places where they cannot vape. To be a covert vaper, you require a small vape device that you can literally conceal on your person and produces as little vapor as possible.

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These little pod vapes are also small enough to conceal right inside the palm of your hand. You can simply move your hand to your mouth and take a short puff without anyone noticing.

Some very discreet vapers learn how to zero vape so they can get their dose of cannabis or nicotine with no one being the wiser to what they’re doing. The zero vape method of vaping takes some practice, though, but until you’ve mastered it, a small pod vape device will help you do some stealth vaping in some places.

Refillable Pod System Devices

Vapes with refillable pods are one of the latest technologies to hit the market since the JUUL. They’re perfect for the vaper who wants or needs to be discreet about vaping, especially their marijuana use, even if it’s legal or they have a medical marijuana card.

You can discreetly carry prefilled pods with you, too, so if you run out of juice in one pod, switching pods is a quick and easy process. You won’t have to carry a bottle of e-juice with you and then find a place to “hide” while you refill a vape pen or mod.

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Some examples of devices with refillable pods are:

Vapeants E8 Pod System

Watch this video for details on this sweet new tiny device for the ultimate covert vaping experience.


KandyPens RUBI

This is an open pod system so you can prefill your pods refillable pods to keep on hand. Each pod holds up to 1mL of liquid.

The RUBI is only 4 inches in length, making it a very compact little vape and it comes in a variety of colors too.

refillable pod system RUBI

Innokin EQs

This is a very portable and low profile refillable pod system for the beginner and the discreet vaper. The refillable pods hold up to 2mL of liquid.

refillable pod system INNOKIN

Suorin Air Ultra Portable

The Suorin Air is the ultimate refillable device for covert vaping and holds up to 2mL of liquid.

refillable pod system suorin

Visit Your Local Vape Shop

To get more information, you should visit your local vape shop. See if they have any of these pod systems in stock or others that are suitable for stealthy vaping.

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