Replacement Tips for LOGIC Cartridges

Replacement Tips for LOGIC Cartridges

Any of you who have been refilling your LOGIC ecig cartridges will know for a fact that the little green plastic tips come apart, sometimes no matter what you use to pry them out of the tops of the cartridges.

Wanna know why? Because you’re not supposed to be refilling them! Buuut…. I found a remedy for this. The best replacement tips for LOGIC cartridges – Little rubber grommets!!

As you’ll see in this video, I refill my cartridges too; only to save money right now, because I much prefer to just buy new cartridges! Really, I do! It’s so much more convenient and neater, and you get just the right premium blend of eliquid.

But right now, funds are tight, so I am refilling them. You can see what I use on my other video here:

So if you’re tired of the little plugs splitting apart and you don’t want to be cutting holes in the clear rubber tips – which always fall off anyway, pick up some cheap, but long-lasting rubber grommets for the tips.

These are the BEST replacement tips for LOGIC cartridges – and any other brands you might be using too!

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