The Science Behind E-Cigarettes

The Science Behind E-Cigarettes

Guest post contributed by Rachel Campbell
The Ecig Review Site is where you can find out all about the science behind e-cigarettes and vaping and how they compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

There appears to be an awful lot of confusion surrounding e-cigarettes and how safe or harmful they are.

Even with research findings highlighting that e-cigarettes and vaping are 95% less harmful than smoking traditional cigarettes, many smokers struggle with the idea of switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes, to support their quest to stop smoking for good.

Much of this struggle is to do with a lack of awareness about what e-cigarettes are made up of and how they work. That’s where the Ecig Review Site wants to help out. Here you can find out all about the science behind e-cigarettes and vaping and how they compare to traditional tobacco cigarettes.

The Science Behind E-Cigarettes: What do cigarettes and e-cigarettes consist of?

Traditional tobacco cigarettes are made of:

  • A paper tube that encases the cigarette’s ingredients
  • Tobacco, made up from a combination of two different leaves. The tobacco leaves are where the nicotine comes from
  • A mixture of up to 600 different additives can be found in cigarettes
  • A filter at the end
  • In some cases, fillers are also included, which are the waste product of tobacco.
  • Flavourings, particularly menthol, are also sometimes used in cigarettes
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the science behind e-cigarettes 2

Many e-cigarettes consist of:

  • A plastic tube that brings together the other components
  • A rechargeable battery
  • Replaceable cartridges that contain either a propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine solution. This is where the nicotine come from in e-cigarettes
  • An atomiser, that heats the solution from the cartridge up and turns it into vapour
  • There are also many flavourings that can be used in your e-cigarette to enhance your vaping experience, based on your own preferences

What happens when you vape compared to when you smoke?

Smokers light a traditional tobacco cigarette and inhale from it. Two types of smoke are created when the cigarette is lit, mainstream and sidestream smoke. The mainstream smoke passes through the filter at the end of the cigarette and is transported into the smoker’s body.

The sidestream on the other hand, is released into the air from the lit end of the cigarette, the main cause of secondhand smoking.

Tar is created by the smoke that is produced and from the mainstream smoke, is carried through the throat and into the lungs. Teeth and fingers are often stained from this tar. Nicotine that is carried into the body through the smoke, is then absorbed and transported to the brain.

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This process takes less than 20 seconds, giving smokers an almost instant hit of nicotine.

On the other hand, when you vape using an e-cigarette, the liquid inside cartridge is heated by the atomiser, which evaporates to create a vapour. From here, the vapour is passed down the throat to the lungs. The nicotine that causes the original smoking addiction is carried in the vapour, and when it reaches the lungs, is absorbed and taken to the brain.

The dangers of smoking are diminished when using e-cigarettes

the science behind e-cigarettes 3

With smoking comes many dangerous side effects that can cause illnesses and a shorter lifespan. This is due to the 7,000+ toxins and chemicals found in cigarette smoke, including carbon monoxide that can reduce oxygen and haemoglobin levels.

Both the smoker and people around them can be affected by these toxins, as well as the tar created in the body. Both the smoker and secondhand smokers can develop heart disease, lung cancer and stroke as a result of smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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As e-cigarettes provide a nicotine hit without the smoke, they do not carry the same chemicals into the body, making them 95% less harmful than regular cigarettes.

So if you are looking for a safer way of receiving nicotine, as part of the process towards quitting smoking for good, consider using e-cigarettes.

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