Senior Citizens Switch to Vaping

Senior Citizens Switch to Vaping

One may think that anyone over 60 who is still smoking won’t be able to quit. But it is more likely that senior citizens switch to vaping for health reasons.

The older we get, the more susceptible we are to illnesses that could be deadly; pneumonia is one of them, which may often be contracted in hospital settings when the patient’s resistance is lower from surgeries.

My father had to be transported from the nursing home to the hospital after he contracted a respiratory condition, and it quickly turned into pneumonia. He hadn’t been a smoker for decades by that time, but had he still been a smoker, he’d have had to quit fast.

Long Term Heavy Senior Smokers

I’ve heard some older people say they’ve been smoking for so many years now, quitting may be the death of them, not the other way around.

While it may be true that the stress of trying to quit smoking might lead to a heart attack, it may be a reason for senior citizens to switch to vaping to decrease the stress.

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The overall benefits of quitting cigarettes far outweigh any stress risks from trying to quit.

When Better Health Isn’t Enough of a Reason to Quit Smoking

Older senior citizens can be rather stubborn and tough to convince, especially if they really don’t do anything else but watch television and nap most of the day.

They may feel they’ve given up everything else, they don’t want to give up smoking too.

They also may not believe their health is at risk at this age, and maybe they don’t care. But if they start falling asleep with a lit cigarette, the results can be devastating or even fatal to their friends and loved ones.

So you may see some senior citizens switch to vaping not for their own benefits, but for those around them. If they fall asleep with a vaporizer pen in their hands, there’s no danger in setting anything on fire.

Children of seniors may want to have their parents or grandparents live with them, especially if they’re not in the position to afford good nursing home care.

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However, if the kids have a non-smoking home, it could mean a very stressful situation to an older person who may feel they’re being forced to quit.

But if caretakers are patient with their older loved ones, they can show them how to use a vaporizer properly and it could be fantastic substitute. In fact, if the families of older people are more informed about the benefits of vaping over smoking, we may eventually see more senior citizens switch to vaping in the near future.

Even if the children have to maintain the vape for their older family member, that’s a small task to make sure grandma or grandpa is comfortable and alleviates the stress of quitting smoking.

For seniors living in nursing homes, they may getting forced outdoors to smoke and they’ll take the risk of falling down to get there.

However, as more information becomes available, some homes may eventually allow their residents to vape in their own rooms. This alleviates any dangers of falling while trying to get outside to smoke.

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How Can Senior Citizens Switch to Vaping?

It may take some work and a lot of patience, more so if they’ve been smoking for a long time and see no real reason to quit.

But if they’ll agree to try it, and you can find the perfect vape device for them, they’ll realize they can still enjoy the experience of smoking but without all of the dangerous side effects.

For more reasons to consider encouraging your senior family and friends to quit smoking and switch to vaping, here’s a good article that outlines other benefits to quitting and other habits that make a positive difference in your life, no matter what age you are.

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