Showing Some Vape Love! It’s all in the Throat Hit!

Showing Some Vape Love! It’s all in the Throat Hit!

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From D. Muniz, Owner of

Getting a good throat hit depends on each individual preference. As an example I generally like a strong throat hit. I had always wanted my throat hit while vaping was to be almost as if I was smoking a traditional cigarette.

When I started vaping I just wanted to have that strong hit to simulate a traditional cigarette. I decreased the airflow which in turn made a hotter vape. Along with trying various citrus like flavors I tried to get that strong throat hit. Which some of the various flavors I tried came from ejuices under 4 bucks.

After my trial and error just to get my throat hit that was satisfying for me my girlfriend at the time wanted to always take a hit of my vape pen. (I would always refuse to let her smoke while she was around me) When she would take a hit out of my vape pen should would cough and not really like it. This was a complete turn off for her and the whole vape experience.

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This being her entry level experience from there on out she always said to me “I hate vaping”. She thought vaping was not for her and said she hating it. She stuck to her cigarettes from that time forward. She looked at me with disgust just as one might look at a cigarette smoker. The tables seemed kind of turned around.

Since I really cared about her all I would think of is the harm she caused herself every time she lit up a cigarette. So I had the idea to make a smooth throat hit for her. I decided to buy her a vape pen. Similar to these vape pens in my store, I bought her a purple pen which was her favorite color. I put a creamy coffee e-juice. I also increased the airflow to make the vapor cooler.

When I first tried it out it was smooth and tasty just as I figured how she would like it. I knew she would love the taste and flavor but I did have a backup just in case. I bought a watermelon flavored e-liquid but to make it smoother I got a VG liquid at over 70%.

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When I presented to her a new purple vape pen that I bought for her she thanked me but I could tell she really wanted to tell me “Didn’t I tell you I hated the idea of vaping”. She tried tucking it away like me giving her this vape pen never happened. I told her look I designed this for you (could seem like a slight exaggeration) hoping she would have some more courtesy and try it out which I knew she would because she was a gracious type of person.

She keep inhaling and exhaling over and over. It seemed to me like she was deciding how to react. I was actually nervous to see what she really thought about it. She said to me that she was amazed at the taste and asked me how come mine never had tasted like that? I just said “I designed it with love babe” “Just for you”.

Although we parted ways I do run across her from time to time and she always thanks me for helping her to stop smoking and she is always asking me to try her new flavor.

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The reason I wanted to share this story was to show how you can change the throat hit to any preference of an individual’s liking. I also wanted to point out how sharing the vape experience is really done out of love. Showing someone an alternative to smoking and adding a few more years to their life is showing some love. So show some love, show some Vape Love.

D. Muniz
About the author – Owner of
I was an avid smoker since the age of 13 until 2015 when was introduced to vaping. I still struggle with the addiction but vaping has help with the struggle.

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