Smoke vs. Vapor – We Vape – We Don’t Smoke

Smoke vs. Vapor – We Vape – We Don’t Smoke

Even after 10 or so years on the market, we still hear non-vaping people refer to vaping as smoking an e-cig. Some people still claim there’s no real difference between smoke vs. vapor. Maybe it will take another 10 years for people to really get it.

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Smoke vs. Vapor- What is Vapor?

The clouds that vapers blow out is a vapor, not smoke. It’s actually less harmful than the billows of exhaust blowing out of a semi or a bus when they step on the gas. It’s really as harmless as a fog machine at a concert and is produced in a similar way.

If you’ve ever been sick and used a vaporizer at home to create medicated steam, that’s all that really happens inside of an electronic cigarette or vape pen but on a much smaller scale.

There is a mechanism in the vape device that converts the liquid into a vapor. There is no combustion; nothing is lit on fire. The liquid is simply heated to the point of vaporizing.

What you inhale from an vape device is the vapor that’s produced when it’s heated. What you exhale is also a vapor – not smoke. There are no carcinogens or other harmful chemicals in the vape device like you find in cigarette smoke.

The liquid base of the ejuice that’s used in vape devices consists of propylene glycol or PG, vegetable glycerin or VG and a liquid flavoring. Nicotine is optional as not all ejuices contain nicotine.

These ingredients are blended together into a liquid, which is vaporized by the device. That’s what is inhaled and exhaled by someone vaping. Compare that to the smoke exhaled by a lit cigarette and it’s rather obvious that with smoke vs. vapor, vaping is much less harmful than combustible cigarettes.


Smoke vs. Vapor – What is in Cigarette Smoke?

First is the tobacco, which is not in liquid form so it must be lit. Common sense tells us that our lungs are not meant to inhale smoke. That’s why most people cough when they try their first cigarette.

What are you inhaling? Not just the tobacco, but any other chemicals that are added to the tobacco during the manufacturing process of the cigarette. These are carcinogens and they are harmful. When the tobacco and the cigarette paper are burning, it also creates tar and carbon monoxide.

Cigarette Tar

Tar is the “resinous, partially combusted particulate matter produced by the burning of tobacco and other plant material.”

If you’re a heavy smoker, you may see a yellowish residue or film on your car’s windshield and the windows and walls in your house. That reside is from the tar and it’s also in your lungs when you smoke.

The tar and carbon monoxide in the smoke is what makes cigarettes so dangerous to your lungs. And it doesn’t matter how “light” the cigarette is. Once that cigarette is lit, the same amount of tar and carbon monoxide and any other foreign chemicals that may be added are combusted into smoke.

If you’ve ever gotten smoke in your eyes when smoking a cigarette, the burning sensation is a result of all of the chemicals that are in the smoke. It can have the same effect as standing near an open fire, but much more harmful than sitting next to a campfire.

Conversely, if you get vapor in your eyes, you probably won’t even notice it since there are no harsh chemicals in the vapor to burn your eyes.

What About the Nicotine?

The nicotine in either cigarettes or vape juice isn’t the killer. Yes, it is an addictive substance, but no more addictive or dangerous than the caffeine in coffee, tea or sodas. In fact, both drugs are derived naturally from a variety of plants; nicotine most notably from the nightshade plants.

If you’re a heavy coffee drinker and you have to stop drinking caffeinated products for health reasons, you will probably experience the same initial withdraw symptoms as you would if try to quit smoking. These symptoms can include agitation, sweating, irritability and headaches.

Nicotine is also used in patches, gums, lozenges, sprays and inhalants for smoking cessation products and for many people, vaping with low doses of nicotine helps people quit smoking too, and often more successfully than using any of the other nicotine products.

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