Sore Throat from Vaping? Here’s Why…

Sore Throat from Vaping? Here’s Why…

Some new vapers complain about getting a sore throat from vaping and they may stop using their vape device and go back to smoking cigarettes.

There are a few easy remedies to keep from getting a sore throat from vaping that will help you enjoy your vaping experience and quit cigarettes completely.

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Why Do I Get a Sore Throat From Vaping?

When a new e-cig user encounters a sore throat from vaping that does not resolve itself within a few days, there may be a few causes. E-liquid ingredients may not be the main cause of a sore throat; yet, the e-liquid bases can play a part.

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Most e-liquids contain just a few ingredients such as nicotine, flavouring, and an oil base. The most common bases are propylene glycol (PG), and vegetable glycerol (VG), or a combination of both.

Because both bases attract moisture, continuous vaping can cause your mouth to dry out, which can lead to a sore throat. The best way to avoid this to stay well hydrated when you’re vaping to keep your mouth and throat from getting too dry.

Other Causes for Getting a Sore Throat

There are also some other reasons why vapers may experience throat irritation when initially switching from tobacco cigarettes to e-cigs.

  • Smoker’s Flu: Or “Quitter’s Flu.” If a smoker has a sore throat, cough, insomnia, headaches, and stomach issues, among others, they may have “smoker’s flu.” These symptoms will eventually subside and go away once the smoker fully transitions to vaping.
  • Vaping Style: If you’re puffing on your e-cig with the same intensity as you smoke a tobacco cigarette, it is possible to get a sore throat from vaping. The right way to vape when you’re new to vaping is to take slower draws from your vape device and avoid inhaling the vapor right away.

    Inhaling directly into the lungs right away can cause you to cough. If you’re still having issues, try to reduce your vaping sessions or how often you vape.

  • Nicotine Content Levels: If you were a pack a day smoker of full-strength cigarettes, you may want to start with a 2.4% (24mg) nicotine level. If that level causes a sore throat, simply lower the level of nicotine so you still get you a good throat hit while satisfying your nicotine cravings.

    If you smoked less than a pack a day or smoked light or ultra-light cigarettes, you can start with a lower nicotine level, like 1.8% (18mg) or 1.2% (12mg) to prevent throat irritation.

Sore Throat from Smoking vs Sore Throat from Vaping

The physical side effects of smoking can include a dry mouth and throat resulting in coughing, which may result in a sore throat. The strong amounts of nicotine mixed with tar and other toxins in cigarettes result in a rise of saliva and phlegm.

You have to protect your epithelial cells in your mouth from the toxins in the smoke, so you need to keep your mouth and throat hydrated while smoking.

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Similarly, when you are vaping, even though you’re no longer inhaling any of the harsh, harmful chemicals in tobacco cigarettes, Propylene Glycol may still cause a dry mouth and throat. PG absorbs moisture in your mouth when you inhale and may also cause coughing and a sore throat.

If you think the PG may be the issue, you can opt for a lower PG/higher VG level in your ejuice. Cloud chasers prefer a high VG level to make those extreme vapor clouds while still getting the right nicotine “fix.”

But don’t quit vaping and go back to smoking. Just be patient, stay hydrated, adjust the nicotine levels and draw on your vape device a little slower. Give it some time and practice and you can avoid ever getting a sore throat from vaping and enjoy your vape experience.

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