SteamCloud Box Mod Review

SteamCloud Box Mod Review

The SteamCloud box mod is a portable, versatile vape that’s great for anyone who wants something smaller than a bulkier box mod, but doesn’t want to have to recharge halfway through the day.

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SteamCloud Box Mod Review

The world of Box Mods is vast and often overwhelming. These electrical powerhouses are often considered the current peak of vaping, allowing the user almost complete control of the battery’s electrical flow.

However, a problem that many find with box mods in general is their bulkiness, and a common preconceived notion that they are just for stacking 18650 batteries and blowing giant clouds. The SteamCloud box mod vape conquers all of the problems with big mods.

This small, discrete vape packs a punch. With its sleek design, small features, and variable wattage features, the SteamCloud box mod will provide you with enough battery life to make it through the busy day as well as keep itself discrete and accessible.


Its tiny build makes it easy to bring on the go, and won’t bog your pockets down like many other larger box mods. You might think that this small build might cause the battery life or power to be at a disadvantage, but the SteamCloud box mod has variable wattage up to 40 watts, a battery life that knocks most oil cartridge vapes out of the water, and fully adjustable temperature control.

The portable, versatile SteamCloud is a great product for anyone who wants something smaller than a bulkier box mod, but doesn’t want to have to recharge halfway through the day.

Its size and features make it a strong contender among other box mods, and its sleek little travel kit is a bonus to help carry your products.

Still don’t know if the SteamCloud box mod is worth it? Keep reading to learn more about this cool little mod, and whether it’s right for you.

What comes in the kit:

The full SteamCloud box mod kit includes:

  • 1 SteamCloud A-40 Vape Mod
  • 1 18650 Battery
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 User manual
  • 1 Travel kit

This kit comes with everything needed to start vaping with whatever atomizer you desire, and includes extras such as a charging cable and a travel kit. The travel kit is especially handy, as it allows for easy carrying and protection for the vape, accessories, and whatever product you will be vaping.

It provides a charging cable and a battery as well, which is a leg up on other box mods that often make you buy your first battery.

Why Get the SteamCloud Box Mod?

The SteamCloud box mod might seem tiny in comparison to the many gargantuan box mods on the market right now, but its small build makes it discrete and portable, while still pushing out more power than the average battery in an oil cartomizer.

This small box mod was designed for atomizers with the ever-popular 510 connections and can push out up to 40 watts of output, providing its user with a significant amount of power while remaining small and unassuming. This makes it a strong contender among other, bigger box mods.

The SteamCloud’s 510 connector allows the box to be used with a plethora of atomizers, including oil cartridges, dry herb atomizers, general e-juice tanks, and basically anything in between with a 510 connector.

This- in combination with onboard temperature control- is especially useful for coil-based concentrate atomizers, as you can have full control of the current and temperature you hit your oil at.

This applies to e-juice atomizers as well, as you can buy or build coils that correlate to higher or lower wattages. The tiny SteamCloud is extremely versatile when it comes to attachments, and can be used with many kinds of devices.

The variable wattage on the SteamCloud is controlled by a very clean display with an easy-to-use interface, and is perfect for use with many different attachments. While bigger mods boast giant displays or touch screens, the SteamCloud stays humble with its simple, simple LED screen.

The mod can push up to 40 watts, and can be adjusted to exactly what you prefer (within 0.1 watts). The screen is crisp and the user interface is easy to navigate, making it very easy to adjust the wattage when switching attachments or hitting a fresh atomizer.

This variable wattage is a necessary tool if you want to switch atomizers, or just control your energy flow a little more.

How to Use the SteamCloud:

  1. First, charge the vape using the included cable by plugging it into the microUSB input on the front of the vape. You can also ensure the battery is securely closed inside the vape. When it is done charging, unplug the vape.
  2. Turn the device on by pressing the power button five times quickly. The vape screen should light up and the button should blink to notify you that the device is on.
  3. Load your atomizer with the product of your choosing, and screw it onto the SteamCloud’s 510 connector.
  4. Adjust the mode to your correlating attachment by pressing and holding the + and – buttons at the same time, and then press the power button once to select the mode. You can choose between variable wattage and temperature control depending on your preference and atomizer.
  5. Make sure that the SteamCloud is successfully connected to the atomizer by checking the LED screen.
  6. Adjust the wattage to your liking by pressing the + and – buttons accordingly. You can also use the same buttons to adjust temperature in temp control mode.
  7. Press the power button to make a connection and enjoy your vape.
  8. To turn the device off, press the button five times again until the screen shuts off and the button blinks. Your device is now off, so place it back in the carrying case and return to it at your leisure.

SteamCloud Tips:

The SteamCloud has many features that provide an optimal vaping experience. However, these variable options can provide you with some confusion, or you might just want to know how to keep your box mod running perfectly.

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or new vaper, here are some handy tips to ensure you get the most out of your SteamCloud mod:

  1. Since the SteamCloud has variable wattage, it is recommended to start firing your mod at 0.1 and then moving up as to not burn out the cartridge or coil. If you turn the wattage too high, it will probably burn out whatever atomizer you have, and if it is too low it will not expel vapor. Find the wattage that works best for you!
  2. Use the travel kit to tote around the mod and atomizer of your choice, to ensure maximum safety when not using your mod. You can also pack your e-juice, concentrate, extra coils, or other product in the small case.
  3. For maximum efficiency, an extra battery may be ideal, as it can fit it the carrying case and help you out if the SteamCloud does use all its energy up. It’s a good idea to have at least one extra battery just in case, for any box mod.
  4. If you take a hit (or press the button in general) for more than ten seconds, the mod will automatically stop firing as to not short or burn coils. When using a coil-based wax pen, you can pulse the button in five or six increments back-to-back to successfully burn off the wax.
  5. The SteamCloud also has a temperature control feature, which is very useful for building onto an RDA coil build, just make sure you build your coils knowing it cannot push higher than 40 watts. This can be ideal for coil-based wax vapes as well, to burn off your wax at the perfect temperature.

Maintaining and Cleaning:

The SteamCloud needs very little maintenance. Like most vapes, touching it constantly will cause some oils or other materials to get on them, but just simply wipe the vape off periodically to reduce this.

Residue from oil or vape juice will almost certainly get out of the atomizer onto your vape at some point as well, but this can again be solved by simply wiping the device regularly and ensuring that your atomizer isn’t leaking or spitting out product.

The battery will have to be replaced eventually, but that shouldn’t be necessary for a year or two. Atomizers will also need to be cleaned and possibly replaced in the future, and you can find a vast selection of 510 atomizers for e-juice, oil, dry herb, and more in the products section.

Is the SteamCloud for me?

The SteamCloud will provide you with a high-quality vaping experience and is portable, durable, and flexible. It is a nice contender as a box mod, and is packed with features like variable wattage and temp control.

It performs alongside its bigger friends, and it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand. Whether you should buy this vape or not depends mainly on it fitting both your preferences and budget.

In the long run, if you like what you’ve heard about the SteamCloud’s specs and enjoy the way it looks, then it is guaranteed to be a top-quality vape that will last you a long time and certainly not disappoint.

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