Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Smokers on Your List

Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Smokers on Your List

Tis the season… and whether you’re looking for stocking stuffer ideas for large-sized stockings or you’re looking for something to put inside of a “mini” stocking, ecigs or vaping accessories make cool Christmas stocking stuffers.

Last minute gift ideas can usually get stuffed into a Christmas stocking. These are the gifts that are too small to put under the tree. Or they’re unusual gifts that do better as a stocking stuffer.

Most people think of Christmas stockings as being “hung by the chimney with care.” So they hang up these large stockings near the Christmas tree – or if they have a fireplace, they hang their stockings on the mantel.

And then they hit shops like the Dollar Tree or Dollar General, or the last minute gift ideas or stocking stuff ideas sections of their favorite department store for stocking stuffer ideas like:

  • iPods and accessories
  • Pack of socks
  • Hair items for women
  • Shaving items for men
  • Small novelty toys for kids
  • Little kitchen items for the cooks and chefs

But you can also buy “mini” stockings for your small gift ideas too. These stockings can hang on the tree as a Christmas tree ornament with the little gifts inside.

They’re usually just large enough to put in a couple of tubes of lip gloss, a few expensive pens maybe, or a cigar. These little stocking are made for little gifts, like you would give to the office workers.

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Sometimes people use them for putting lottery tickets inside to give to coworkers instead of wrapping the tickets up in a box or envelope.

“Techy” Stocking Stuffer Ideas for the Smokers on Your List

We all know it’s getting tougher and tougher for smokers to find places to light up. More places are banning smoking not only from the buildings, but from the entire properties.

Hospitals are a perfect example. Not only can you not smoke inside of the hospital, but a lot of hospitals have now banned smoking from their property as well.

So if you work in a hospital, you probably have to go all the way out to your car so you can have a smoke.

And not just hospitals! I took on a temp job over 10 years ago where the firm banned smoking anywhere on their property. You even had to move your car off the property to have a smoke.

Airports are another place where smoking is extremely limited. Some airports don’t even have indoor designated smoking areas anymore.

Today smokers are being banished to parts unknown almost every day.

This is tough on people who have to travel frequently for their jobs. Just think of how many people you might know who are:

  • Bus drivers
  • Cab drivers
  • Police officers
  • Nurses
  • Regional sales directors
  • Pilots
  • Flight attendants
  • Restaurant workers
  • Bar workers – and the list goes on…
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Yes, even some bars have banned smoking inside. In fact, in some areas, if they don’t make a certain percentage of their revenue in liquor sales, it’s actually against the law to allow smoking inside the bar itself.

And the “traveling salesman” or woman. Electronic cigs make great gifts for the traveler on your list.

Pharmaceutical reps, for instance, do a lot of driving from one doctor’s office to the next, or from hospital to hospital. They speak to the doctors about their company’s latest prescription drugs and leave samples.

If sales reps haven’t kicked the habit yet, it could make their careers just a little more stressful not being able to smoke in all of these places anymore.

Smoking travelers who are racking up some frequent flyer miles, and they’re a smoker, surprise them with an electronic cigarette in their stocking. They’ll come in handy when they’re waiting at the gate to board.

Usual Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Smokers

A lot of people go out and buy their smoker friends and family a carton of their favorite brand of cigarettes and stick them in a stocking.

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Cartons of smokes used to be pretty inexpensive Christmas gifts a few years ago. Today, those same cartons of cigs can run almost $70, depending on where you live.

But if the smokers on your list have switched to electronic cigarettes already, you can buy them refill cartridges of their favorite brands instead. These are gifts that are mostly still under the $40 range and they make perfect stocking stuffer ideas.

So if you have smokers on your Christmas gift list and you’re stuck for last minute stocking stuffer ideas, hop online or head to your local department store or smoke shop and pick up some disposable ecigs for your smokers to try.

And for your “vaping” friends who gave up regular cigarettes, surprise them with a pack of cartridge refills for their favorite brand of ecigs.

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