The LOGIC eCigs Power Series

The LOGIC eCigs Power Series

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I Love the LOGIC eCigs!

These are perfect for me. These are actually my godsend. I love these, and I will say, I am now an affiliate, but the previous video I did, I wasn’t an affiliate and I still promoted them. Before I was an affiliate, I was telling my family and friends about them.

I’ve tried other brands of electronic cigarettes. I will not drop all the names because I don’t remember them all. And the LOGIC eCigs are by far the best I’ve had.

I know one was a KRAVE or something like that, and then there was another one that my husband brought home and another one that I bought online that was a cheapie. And after using those I was like, okay, there’s got to be something out there that works.

My husband happened to stop by a Hess station and he knew I was having problems with the cheapie e-cigarettes that I was using. The batteries didn’t last very long. So he spotted the LOGIC eCigs and he brought me home a starter kit.

And I was like, oh, these are awesome. They’re quality. That’s what I really like about them is the quality. It’s actually one of the lesser expensive than you’ll find online. I’ve priced other starter kits online in case I wasn’t able to find these offline, or to tell my friends and family about them, I wanted them to be able to afford it.

These are so competitively priced that if you’re a smoker, financially it’s going to benefit you to quit.

You may be able to find these locally if you have a Hess station near you but you can also buy your LOGIC eCigs Power Series starter kit here.

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