The Vaping Industry Creates Entrepreneurs

The Vaping Industry Creates Entrepreneurs

The Vaping industry creates entrepreneurs, no doubt about it. While still a budding industry, new vape shops are always opening up!

Guest post by Jerry Nelson

Even though ecigarettes have been around for a few years, there are still spots in the country where they are new. To cash in on what may be a medical fad or a medical breakthrough, new entrepreneurs are lining up next to multi-billion dollar businesses.

An entire subculture has grown up around electronic cigarettes. In The Ocean State, “vaping” has become a hobby with vaporiums turning up amidst the cities’ hookah bars and medical marijuana emporiums. Many aficionados feel the latest popularity of e-cigs is because of their perceived safety.

Instead of burning tobacco, e-cigs and vaporizes heat a liquid, vaporize it and deliver the dosage. Traditional cigarettes puts a person at possible risk from hundreds of chemicals created as the tobacco burns. People close to the smoker may also be clouded in toxic, second-hand smoke. It is different with vaping.

With the rapid growth in the numbers of e-cig users, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is coming under some pressure. GSK, the maker of nicotine patches and gum, is seeing sales of their tobacco alternatives drop. GSK has been hit by the popularity of e-cigs and is reviewing now the idea of entering the playing field and become an e-cig maker.

The company, which makes nicotine replacement products and smoking cessation therapies, in the form of patches or gum, is exploring the idea of forming a consumer-health venture with Novartis, the maker of Nicotinell. The merged business is expected to generate over $3 billion annually in sales. Enough consumers are finding the tobacco alternative exciting enough that the giant drug makers aren’t the only businesses exploring vaping.

Vaping doesn’t, technically, involve burning anything and uses heat to atomize the liquid. The liquids come with varying levels of nicotine — or none — and consist of three basic ingredients: nicotine, propylene glycol and VG. Nicotine, a liquid version of the nicotine found in tobacco is easily understood. Propylene Glycol, PG, is used for flavoring while VG is the chemical that creates the vapor.

Even though the amount of nicotine in an e cig is considerably less than in traditional cigarettes, it’s more potent because of a higher purity level. Different liquids have varying levels of nicotine. The purity though is always higher in ecigs than in traditional tobacco. A typical Marlboro Red is 3.6 nicotine, the equivalent of an e cig with 36mg. The higher purity is also an aid, for some people who want to quit smoking traditional cigarettes.

While GSK pursues a spot in the growing market place, even small entrepreneurs are finding there may be money to be made. In Providence, Rhode Island, vaporiums are popping up through throughout the state.

Warwick has Sunshine Vape; Barrington is home to ECig Shed. Providence is seeing vaporiums setting up next door to hookah bars and a medical marijuana smoking lounge. Medical marijuana and smoking clubs, or hookah bars, are already popular in the state where vaporiums are starting to come to the state in droves.

Bill Pizzuti, owner of VAPEsolutely in the city center of Providence, told customers and reporters at his grand opening, “We won’t call this [vaping] healthy, it’s healthier than smoking.” Vaporiums like Pizzuti’s are booming partly as an alternative to smoking because of the smoking ban in place in Rhode Island’s drinking establishments and eateries. In the state, the idea of vaping is still controversial.

The e-cig makers and marketers have been fighting tobacco corporations on one side and anti-smoking activists on the other. Many activists combine vaping with tobacco smoking as being harmful. The news is mixed though.

As recently as December, the American Heart Associated stated that vaping is a safe and efficient way to stop smoking. The AHA points to the idea that a smoker can gradually stop tobacco use by vaping liquid which contains progressively lower and lower amounts of nicotine.

Fear of fire from the device’s onboard batteries, though, have moved the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a warning to passenger airlines about the fire risks of e-cigs if the devices are packed in checked luggage. The FAA has recommended to the carriers that passengers be allowed to carry on their e-cigs as the cargo holds on commercial planes are normally unpressurized.

Compared to tobacco products, e-cigarettes are still new in the market place. There are plenty of activists fighting against vaporiums, but the smoking devices has an abundance of adherents.

Shawn Robbins, of Cumberland, and one of Pizzuti’s customers, said, “I used cigarettes for over 17 years and hate the odor of cigarettes now. I quit tobacco cold turkey. All of my friends and I are vaping now.”

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Jerry Nelson is an American writer and photojournalist and is always interested in discussing future work opportunities. Email him at and join the million-or-so who follow him on Twitter @ Journey_America.


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