The Volcano Wins as the Best Desktop Bag Vaporizer

The Volcano Wins as the Best Desktop Bag Vaporizer

And now for something completely different… I mostly talk about portable vapes on this blog, but a desktop bag vaporizer is worth looking into for at-home vapers, so I’ve included this review of the Volcano.

Obviously, this is not a portable vape, but you can pack it up and take it to a friend’s house to share your vaping experience. You can use the Volcano to vape dry herb, oils and concentrates. Because it is a vaporizer, it’s much safer than even using a water bong.

On with this review, contributed by Zac Ferry.

Images captured from the Storz & Bickel video.

The Volcano Bag Vaporizer

Today, people are choosing to consume cannabis by vaporizing it instead of smoking it. With no doubt, vaporized cannabis is more beneficial and helps to consume the right amount of CBD.

In the world full of innovations and developments, Storz and Bickel brought an advanced method known as Volcano vaporizer which is considered as the best desktop bag vaporizer.


How Is the Volcano Bag Vaporizer Better Than Other Devices?

It is a widely recommended product since it offers several features:

  • It is easy to warm up and easy usage.
  • It is simple to apply the mouthpiece.
  • There is an easy mechanism to run.
  • It can be used by pressing the mouthpiece.
  • A desirable amount gets inhaled.
  • The bag attached to the device can be easily replaced.
  • It is less costly to keep up the bags.
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.

Some Tips for Using Volcano Vaporizer

  • The first attempt.
    Normally, people prefer to choose a thick cloudy form. The powdered materials in the machine will take the time for conversion process which results in the form of heavy clouds. The first attempt may not easily show the results in the bag. But it will have the requisite amount of flavor.
  • Apply grinder to usage purpose.
    The grinder can help to blend the heavy materials into a more suitable form for a desktop bag vaporizer.

    bag vaporizer grinder

    It is easy to blend the material in a proper texture suitable for the device. Moreover, it becomes easy to make sure that the extraction is happening with the powdered form.

  • Vapor is not seen every time.
    The whole preheating process takes a little time for the completion. It depends on several factors and the most important is temperature. Sometimes, the vapor is not easily seen during the process, but that doesn’t imply its absence.

Simple Steps for Using Volcano Vaporizer!

    The Volcano vaporizer is easy to set-up and use for consuming a superb flavor. When the set arrives, you need to find a stable, flat surface to place the device.
  • Run a burn off cycle.
    Before starting the machine, it is necessary to sprint a fast burn off cycle to clear any leftovers.
  • Turn up the heat.
    For turning up the heat, press the red button placed on the device. An orange light appears which show that the warm-up process is running. On the classic machine, nine is perfect. For the digital device, 446° F is a suitable digit.
  • Use the two-piece grinder.
    During the warm-up process, use the grinder to produce a powdered herb form which is more suitable for running on the machine.
  • Load into the filling chamber.
    Pour the grinder contents of a paper and load it into the filling chamber. Try to load the full chamber since it works best when fully loaded.
  • It’s time to fill up the bag.
    It’s time to Vape when the orange light has turned off. Detach the black mouthpiece from the bag and place it on the device. Press the green button which is used for turning on the fan and press it again once the bag is filled.
  • bag vaporizer share

  • The final stage.
    Once the bag is removed from the device, the black mouthpiece can get inserted into it. On pressing the mouthpiece, the vapor will get out and one can consume it easily.

Huge Demand – Widely Available

In the last years, the device has gained huge popularity among vaping consumers. With huge demand, the product has become easily available in the market. Such wide availability has made it difficult to choose the one which is worth and rejects the one which offers less value.

It is easy to use for enjoying a proper amount of flavor consumption and offers many features than other devices. Therefore, if you are looking out for a desktop vape, Volcano vaporizer is right choice for you.

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