The War on Vaping in 2017 and Beyond

The War on Vaping in 2017 and Beyond

a-billion-lives-amzpThe War on Vaping and the entire vaping industry continues and will continue into 2017, which could be the most devastating year for this industry – or the most profitable – depending on who is on the winning side of the war.

I tried to host an exclusive preview event of the documentary film, “A Billion Lives.” Unfortunately, the event had to be cancelled due to zero ticket pre-sales.

Fortunately though, this film has had such a positive response that Amazon now has it available to rent or buy!

In the meantime, I continue my search for other advocates and found more that are just as important at exposing the lies and misinformation continuously generated by our government – the FDA, doctors and scientists, big tobacco corporations, big pharma companies as well as those who still believe the myths and promote the war on vaping.

the war on vaping stigma article

In fact, it seems as if the vaping industry is getting hit even harder than any of the tobacco products on the market, which makes this war on vaping completely ludicrous.

Regulator Watch is just one of the pro-vaping advocates I recently found as we vapers continue to battle the FDA and other country’s governments war on vaping.

The FDA and the War on Vaping

In its incessant war on smoking, the FDA in its infinite wisdom [dripping with sarcasm here], dumped all vaping devices and e-liquid into the same pot as tobacco products and cigarettes, instead of viewing them the same as other nicotine delivery systems, thereby making vaping a casualty of the war on smoking.


I quit smoking with Chantix; however, if I’d had the opportunity to use a good vaping device instead, I’d had saved myself a lot of headaches and frustration often involved with quitting, not to mention a lot of money! Chantix is not cheap and back when I was prescribed this chemical to help me quit, insurance didn’t cover it.

Misinformed Doctors and Scientists

Now that our healthcare is being “dictated” by the federal government, many of our doctors and scientists, instead of taking the time to get truly informed on vaping, simply regurgitate the talking points of the FDA.

This does a lot more harm than good both to smokers and new vapers, who may believe these lies and myths and go back to smoking tobacco cigarettes, unfortunately believing it’s no different.

This does nothing for harm reduction, as vaping is a much safer alternative to smoking and less expensive than prescription drugs like Chantix or any other prescription nicotine delivery system.


Big Tobacco and Big Pharma

I often believe these two industries are in cahoots with each other, the almighty dollar being the bottom line.

The more people who quit smoking, the less money the tobacco industry makes; the more people who quit smoking using a vaping device, the less money Big Pharma makes as people veer away from products like nicotine gums and patches.

Fortunately, some countries like the UK is seeing things in a positive light. Our hope is that the United States, Canada and other countries will join them in seeing through all the lies and misinformation and stop this war on vaping once and for all.


The World Health Organization

As much as I sincerely disagree with a lot of what the WHO does, I must agree that their latest, all-but ringing endorsement of vaping as an alternative to smoking, I must mention them here in this article and share a recent video on what’s happening in the WHO and their war on vaping.


There’s Always Hope

As long as we vapers stick together and support the advocates who are lobbying on our behalf, there may be light at the end of this seemingly dark tunnel.

If you’re an avid vaper, get involved! Write a blog, talk about vaping to your friends and family who smoke and most of all, don’t give up!

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