The Winston Man Speaks Out Loud and Clear

The Winston Man Speaks Out Loud and Clear

Back in the 80s David Goerlitz was hired by RJ Reynolds as The Winston Man, advertising cigarette smoking as a “macho” thing to do.

Today, Goerlitz is an avid pro-vape advocate in an effort to promote the vaping industry and help get the government and other ‘caring’ organizations to stop this war on vaping.

Here’s what Goerlitz had to say recently in the Facebook group, Vaping Views.

“People probably know some of my story and if not here goes.”

I have spent 35 years or more in the tobacco game in one way or another and to be honest I am more confused now than ever before with regard to the apathy to our nation’s number one cause of premature death and disease. Tobacco. Here’s why.

We know the long term effects of smoking combustible cigarettes and yet it is still a legal product that is STILL accessible to teens illegally. Our legislators and lawmakers shrug it off as no big deal and under the guise of giving a shit, covering their failures in tobacco control, they find a scapegoat in Vaping to justify why they were inept, complicit, and culpable in the aiding and abetting the criminals in Big T and Big P and their ilk.

Tobacco Control was and is a FAILURE OF EPIC PROPORTIONS.

People probably know some of my story and if not here goes. Having been the Winston Man from 1981 -1988 I watched a strategic planning of finding replacement smokers for the 1200 people in the U.S who die every day from a smoking caused illness and premature death. Do the math. They need to be routinely replaced daily.

14 Billion Dollars annually were spent on advertising and marketing directly to the “ young, the poor, the black and the stupid”. (THAT IS WHAT THE TOBACCO COMPANY EXECUTIVE TOLD ME AND WHAT I TESTIFIED TO IN CONGRESS IN 1989 ). My job was to make smoking look macho, tough rugged, robust, and virile.

It worked, as Winston sales rose to #2 in just a very few short years right after the Marlboro brand . It was that simple and for my efforts I was paid 100K a year for 26 days work annually.

“I quit smoking publicly, but not for the reasons you might think.”

In 1988, I quit smoking publicly, but not for the reasons you might think. You would think that I was disgusted by my actions in helping addict teens to smoking, as most people are aware that over 90% of new smokers start under 18 years of age. Typically, around 15 years of age.

If adults were the target market, I would not feel quite as guilty. MY JOB WAS TO GET KIDS TO SMOKE. PERIOD. END OF STORY.

I quit smoking in November 1988 after I witnessed my brother who was being treated for the Big Cancer that most smokers eventually wind up fearing after a lifetime of inhaling 4760 different chemicals, gases, toxins, poisons, and irritants of which over 60 are carcinogenic.

My own kids didn’t want me to die like their Uncle Bobby, and their never ending, and unrelenting badgering of “daddy, please don’t smoke anymore, please quit”, did finally get me reach that WOW moment.

Just as a side note, I did eventually quit with several years of cheating that I’m sure my family as well as others were aware of, but chose to keep my failure and hypocrisy a secret. Pretty sweet of them, but certainly quite disappointing.

“The Golden Boy for the Anti-tobacco Movement”

Immediately, upon publicly quitting smoking, I became the Golden Boy for the Anti-tobacco movement which was just getting into full swing. Won’t bore you with the details, but should mention it was quickly becoming a multi-billion dollar industry with the American Cancer Society, American Lung Assoc. ,American Heart Assoc., Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, American Legacy Foundation and a slew of other Body Parts People that could benefit from the misery of others.

I do, truly believe that the original intention was to be helpful, but like most non- profits, greed generally begins to outweigh fear.

I spent the next 18 years or so, travelling the world to help kids understand why it wasn’t a good idea to start smoking and stay away from it if at all possible. I reached almost 5 million kids, teachers and parents in schools and assemblies using humor to engage them in my journey of hypocrisy, abuse of kids, and a definite plan to addict them to tobacco and nicotine. That’s quite a load of guilt to carry for one guy. Getting it off my chest, was somewhat cathartic I must say.

“Public Health Groups Become as Evil as the Tobacco industry.”

Things were going well in the education department until the industry turned and I’m not talking about Big Tobacco, I’m talking about the groups who were brought in to help curb smoking, stop targeting and marketing to KIDS.

We all knew Big Tobacco was evil, but it was difficult to believe the Multi-Billion Dollar caretakers under the guise of Public Health could become as evil as the Tobacco industry.

I first started to hear about Electronic Cigarettes in 2006 right when I reached the height of my disgust of witnessing the alignment of the Anti-Smoking and Big Tobacco collaboration.

I stopped being a pawn and a puppet for the same people who were paying me to go against the tobacco industry while they were in back door meetings, planning the historical Master Settlement Agreement of 1998 and 1999 with the infusion of 246 Billion Dollars into every state while Attorney Generals handed out “Stay out of Jail free cards”.

E-cigs – “Fantastic Gift” for Young Smokers

The Electronic Cigarette Industry had a unique and provocative concept in that this cessation device seemed to work so much better than Big Pharma’s useless cessation products, was less costly, and you received great satisfaction with the vapor that appeared harmless to the senses and to people around you.

What a fantastic gift for the kid who started smoking with encouragement from peers, marketing executives, models and role models respected globally.

Finally, you didn’t have to stink anymore, you could find a harm reduction product that would enable you to self monitor the amount of nicotine you wanted to ingest while you attempted to wean yourself off and ideally quit vaping as well. Or so we thought. Hhmmmm.

“What Could Possibly Go WRONG?”

Never has any product caught on so fast as electronic cigarettes that quickly morphed into the phenomenon we currently see in the wonderful culture of Vaping. I have never witnessed anything like this.

A product invented and produced by consumers, for consumers, and shown to have tremendous potential in enhancing the quality of lives proportionate to the havoc that could be wreaked on society if we did not have this miraculous alternative.

What a wonderful opportunity our Government, the Anti-tobacco and Health Community now has to embrace, to finally find something to help people LIVE LONGER and have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE. What Could Possibly Go WRONG?

Your government is trying to decimate the Vaping Industry along with many others, which will be named, when I see a bigger and better Army being built to fight the parasites to keep Vaping available.

In my humble opinion, this MUST become a Public Relations War first and some funds need to be brought forth to change Public Perception while Attempting to change Public Policy. You can’t have one without the other.

With Advocacy in the Vaping Industry and the amount of money spent on lobbying the politicians, who by the way for the most part are the ones who got us into this train wreck in the first place, is probably not going to be the best return on the investment that our Trade Associations and Consumer Groups, and Legislative Political pundits are fighting for as of now. Just Saying. –David Goerlitz

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