UK Vapers and the TPD – What You Should Know

UK Vapers and the TPD – What You Should Know

Why is May 20, 2017 such an All-Important day for UK Vapers? Sarah Bailey with discusses the issues of the The Tobacco Products Directive and its potential impact on our vaping friends and vape shop owners from across the pond.

Why 20 May 2017 is an All-Important Day for UK Vapers

The Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) is a nifty bit of EU Law that has been working its way on to our agenda since 2014.

Don’t run away from knowing this, because you need to know some stuff about it, and why it’s important this year.

And it’s good news.

Regulation of Vaping – What’s Going On?

On 20 May 2016 we saw a whole heap of headlines, mostly driven by the tobacco industry, that were enough to put the fear into the most hardened of people.

Whilst the doom merchants became keyboard warriors drumming up a grumpy feeling, we decided to look beneath the dramatics to what the TPD really meant for the vaping industry. And we liked what we saw.

Fundamentally, the TPD is bringing regulation to a market that hitherto hasn’t really been regulated. That’s good news for you, the UK vapers on the street, because it means that you can be sure that vaping stores are in your corner, only selling you the best of the best. Good stuff.

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The industry was given a year to get its affairs in order. Hence, 20 May 2017 being a big date on the calendar.

The Tobacco Products Directive – How It Affects You, The Vaper

Traditional cigarette and tobacco manufacturers have their analysts and R&D teams in panic. And it’s understandable. No one’s really a great fan of change, especially when it hits your bottom line.

However, for the vaping market, the changes, although impacting the bottom line a little in the short term (not your problem!) they spell good news for the future.

It’s goodbye to the charlatans, and a good regulatory footing for those that care about their consumers.

In the experience of us vape-lovers at Love Vaping, the overwhelming majority of our customers are either smokers already looking to reduce or quit the tobacco habit, or ex-smokers who’ve been there, done that, want a little crutch, thank you very much.

As such, we know you care about the products you’re currently buying, and regulation will be a good thing for you.

What the TPD spells out for you is some minimum safety and quality standards on everything you buy to fulfill your vaping love. So, e-liquids are now having to go through fairly decent vetting so you can be sure you’re getting exactly what it says on the bottle, no surprises.

It’s like being able to read the ingredients packet in the supermarket and know what’s going down the hatch. This is important because it means you have the knowledge to know what you’re doing, with no nasty shocks to come and hit you in say 50 years, like the 70-year-old smokers in town.

From 20 May 2017 you’re also going to see some maximum tank sizes on all new products, and maximum nicotine concentration levels in all new e-liquids.

However, we know you guys; we’ve seen what you buy, and this isn’t a scary change for the majority of you. It’s just bringing the regulations in line with where you, the consumers, oh hallowed UK vapers, already are.

And, big-style important: you should be able to work out who’s a good ‘un when it comes to purchasing your TPD Compliant e-liquid. Is it a reputable store, or do they just want to grab your hard-earned cash and run.

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Vaping Law Changes – Is This It Now?

Well, yes, for the time being anyway. Realistically, the Government never leaves something unfiddled-with, so we’ll always need to keep a look out for changes. But for now, let’s embrace the change that the TPD brings.

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