Why I Use Electronic Cigarettes

Why I Use Electronic Cigarettes

…When I’ve Already Quit Smoking

So, why, if you’ve already quit smoking, are you now using electronic cigarettes?

And I have had a lot of people ask me this, mainly my family because they know that I quit smoking five years ago.

Here’s why. If you’re a smoker, especially even if you’re a heavy smoker, and you’ve been a long-time heavy smoker, when you need to quit, it is NOT easy. I don’t care who tells you ‘Oh it’s easy if you really want to do it.’ No it is not.

And any serious heartfelt smoker will tell you, trying to quit, to put it bluntly, is a real b*tch. It really is. I smoked for 35 years; started smoking when I was 15, and I enjoyed it. I just enjoyed it. To me it relaxed me. It was a way to de-stress. I just enjoyed smoking.

I always liked the old saying, ‘Oh, it’s easy to quit. I’ve done it several times.’ So I had quit a couple of times. I had used the Waterpik filters that you stick on the end of your cigarettes and it weans the nicotine out. I’ve tried the patch, cold turkey, you name it, I tried everything.

What finally worked for me to quit smoking was Chantix, because Chantix targets a receptor in the brain that exacerbates the physical addiction, the chemical addiction to the nicotine.

But there’s a lot more involved than just that. My brother quit just by chewing a lot of gum and he was able to psychologically force himself into quitting. But that didn’t work for me.

No matter what I tried or what people said or how many gross pictures they sent me or whatever, I didn’t care. I liked to smoke.

So when I started having medical issues that forced me to quit — I had a horrendous cough; you might have thought I had tuberculosis. I couldn’t even take a breath without coughing. And it was just horrible. It scared me.

Also, I was getting dental implants because smoking actually helped to ruin my teeth. So now I have really pretty teeth — bought, paid for and glued in.

But anyway, the dentist would not give me implants unless I quit smoking. So it was kind of like a no-brainer. Well, do I keep on smoking and go around toothless or do I quit smoking.

So I was in a position where I was literally forced to quit smoking. And I had an attitude about it. I didn’t want to quit. I was just not ready.

So I went through a lot of mental crap in order to quit. And here are some tips for people out there who are trying to quit. I completely rearranged my routine. I would get up in the morning and the first thing I would do was head right down to the garage or out on the porch, because there is no smoking in my house.

I had to change my routine. There were a lot of things that I automatically, psychologically associated to smoking, like talking on the phone, right after eating, etc.

The Chantix helped with the chemical addiction because it targets the brain receptors, so that part of it was not difficult initially. And then I changed my routine so different things I did weren’t associated with smoking anymore.

So getting back to why I now use electronic cigarettes.

A lot of former smokers will tell you that they went back to smoking a few times before quitting for good. And that’s me. I really wanted to start smoking again, but I knew that with the coughing and other medical conditions, I CAN’T start smoking again.

And that’s why the electronic cigarettes are a major life-saving alternative to smoking again!

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