Vape Juice How Long Does It Last

Vape Juice How Long Does It Last

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A lot of new vapers are asking how long does a bottle of vape juice last. And the answer is – it depends.

Remember, ecigs/personal vaporizers aren’t like traditional cigarettes. With a cigarette, once you light it up and smoke it, you know how many cigarettes you smoke per day.

With PVs, you can “chain” vape without even knowing it, because it doesn’t burn down. You just lay it down and pick it back up when you want to vape again.

So keeping track of how much ejuice you’re using is simply a matter of keeping track of when you open a fresh bottle, how many times per day you refill your tank, and when that bottle is empty.


Just like with non-refillable cartridges on “cig-a-likes” – which usually come prefilled with 1.0mL of ejuice – if you know how long the cartridge lasts, you can pretty much figure out how much vape juice you’ll use if you switch to refillable cartridges.

If you’re a new vaper and you’re starting out with refillable cartridges or eGo tanks, there are a few things that you have to take into consideration when trying to figure out how long a 10mL bottle of vape juice will last.

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What Size Bottle of Vape Juice Do You Buy?

The standard size ejuice bottle is 10mL. You can also buy bottles in sizes of 12, 15 or 30mL. Obviously, the larger the bottle, the longer it will last.

There are other things to consider too besides the size of the bottle of vape juice you normally buy.

What Type of PV or eCig Do You Use?

The standard eGo tank is 1.6mL. You can also get tanks that will hold up to 3.0mL or more. Again, the larger the tank, the less you have to refill it.

How Much Do You Vape?

Are you a casual vaper, heavy vaper or “chain” vaper?

Can you vape at work right at your desk or work space? Or do you have to go outside or duck into the rest room and “stealth” vape?

If you can vape right at your desk, you’re probably going to vape more often than if you have to go outside or duck into the rest room.

And the more you vape, the more juice you’ll use.

How Much Nicotine Is In Your Vape Juice?

Generally, the amount of nicotine will affect the throat hit you get. If you have to draw harder on the ecig to get a decent throat hit, you’ll use more ejuice.

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I believe, but remember, I’m not an expert, but with any vape I’ve used, I’ve had to draw on it a bit harder and longer than I had to with traditional cigarettes.

I’ve also noticed that the 1.2% level of nicotine is perfect for me. If I go higher, I don’t like the taste, but less than 1.2% of nicotine and I don’t get the throat hit. I feel like I’m puffing on air unless I take really, really long puffs.

How To Calculate Your Vape Juice Usage

Once you’ve settled on your favorite brand of ejuice and the type of personal vaporizer you’re going to use on a daily basis, I would suggest buying two 10mL bottles and write down when you buy the bottle and track how often you fill your tank. Then you’ll know how much you’ll be using.

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