Vape Tricks for Beginners

Vape Tricks for Beginners

Want to learn some cool and fun vape tricks for beginners? You just need a high VG ejuice and some practice to impress your friends!

These are great tricks to try, especially if you’re a cloud chaser

You’ll need a high VG ejuice to do these tricks though. Here’s a quick video on the difference between VG and PG based ejuices.


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Vape Tricks for Beginners With High-VG EJuice

If you have been vaping for quite some time, or even if you’re a new vaper, and you are interested in learning some vape tricks for beginners, there are a few that you might want to consider doing.

They may look very impressive, and complicated, but everyone can learn how to do them. You simply have to know how to set things up and execute the trick.

There are several to choose from, but here are five that you may want to learn how to do; vape tricks for beginners that will impress people whether or not they are vaping.

1. The Tornado

The Tornado is a trick that you will do by blowing your vapor onto a counter or other flat surface. To see the full effect, it is recommended that the surface is dark, and if you are filming this, you need to make sure that it’s dark behind you.


It’s also important to use e-juice that is going to be exceptionally thick (high-VG), allowing it to stay like a mist on the counter. Once it is out, you will then put your hand in the middle of the mist, chopping upward and flipping your wrist.

This will create a spiral within the mist that will circulate, forming the tornado effect.

2. French Inhale

This is a trick that is very similar to the Ghost Inhale, but the vapor is not going to simply come out briefly, and then go back into your mouth. When it comes out, it’s going to come out of your mouth naturally, and you will inhale this through your nose.


The trick is to make sure that the vapor has settled in your mouth, and you open your mouth slightly to let the vapor rise. As it does, you will inhale with your nose, causing the vapor to go into your nostrils.

Many people trying vape tricks for beginners for the first time make the mistake of not waiting long enough after inhaling the vapor, not allowing it to settle. They also forget to only breathe through their nose.

3. Smoke Rings

In the world of traditional cigarette smoking, this is one of the oldest tricks. This may also be one of the first vape tricks for beginners that you will learn.

You will inhale the vapor, keeping it toward the back of your throat. Your tongue has to be toward the bottom of your mouth and as far back in your throat as possible. The shape of your mouth will need to be in O.


Depending on the size of your mouth, and the rate at which you project the vapor, the ring can be of various sizes. The key is to make a cough, ever so slightly in a pulsing manner, to create the consistent O rings that are coming out of your mouth.

4. Bull Rings

This particular trick is actually based upon two of the tricks that have been presented. Essentially, if you know how to do smoke rings, and you have also learned how to do the French Inhale, you will have no problem learning how to do this. That does not mean it is easy.


There are many things that are difficult when working with vapor. It has to do with timing, the shape of your mouth, and how to properly inhale and exhale. This particular trick comes in mind of both the Smoke Ring trick and the French Inhale trick, combined fluidly into one.

It begins with the Smoke Ring trick, where you blow out a smoke ring, but you need to blow it out slowly. This requires a quick burst of air, allowing it to form, but do not go too far from your face.

The second part of the trick is to inhale through your nose just like you did with the French Inhale trick. However, by positioning the ring right in front of your face, preferably with the top portion at nose level, right before you inhale it will look as if you have a nose ring.

5. The Vape Bend

The final vape trick you should learn is called the Vape Bend or Bend O’s. This requires you to blow a smoke ring, and then reach out to bend it with your fingers. It is important to have a sizable smoke ring to make this impressive.


If you can create one about hand size or just a little smaller, it will definitely be a memorable trick when people see it.

These five vape tricks for beginners are ones that you can easily learn. Once you have learned how to blow out smoke rings, and you can control your ability to inhale through your nose, all of these tricks are easy.

Some of them are combinations of nothing more than the Smoke Ring trick and the French Inhale. Once you have those down, this will open the doors to many other possible tricks that you will be able to accomplish.

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