Vaping Alcohol – The Real Dangers

Vaping Alcohol – The Real Dangers

I’d honestly never heard of anyone vaping alcohol until one of our readers brought this to my attention recently and I felt compelled to share it.

According to the Medicine Journal, “Just about every medical professional, commenting on this method of intoxication, have warned of the very real consequences.”

Although I’m an avid vaping advocate as a way to successfully quit smoking, I wouldn’t advise you use your vape pen or any other vaping device to attempt vaping alcohol as a way to curb your drinking without first being warned about the dangers.

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Vaping Alcohol – The Danger You Need to Know About

Whether it is taking regular shots, “eyeball shots,” or even alcohol enemas, people have become ingenious when it comes to ways of getting drunk. With the increasing popularity of vaping people have discovered another way of ingesting alcohol – by vaporizing it.

While there are certainly benefits to vaping alcohol, there are dangers as well. Here’s what you need to know.

The practice of inhaling alcohol gained popularity in 2004, with the invention of AWOL, also known as Alcohol Without Liquid. However, the device was quickly banned in the U.S. and lost its following.

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Starting in about 2013, doctors and other medical professionals began to see a resurgence in the practice. How does one inhale alcohol? For home DIY-ers, the process can be as easy as pouring their favorite spirit over dry ice and inhaling the vapors.

Another DIY way is to attach a bicycle pump to a corked alcohol bottle and pressurize the alcoholic beverage, which will then emit the vapor, which is inhaled.

For the less DIY inclined, you can splurge on the Vapshot for $699. You can also purchase the Vaportini, another device that vaporizes alcohol. Both are legally sold in the United States.

Effects of Inhaling Alcohol

Aside from saving the calories, the other plus side to inhaling alcohol is that it tends to take less to feel the effects, so you might save money on buying alcohol. This is because our digestive system saps some of the potency of the alcohol before it reaches our bloodstream.

By using vaporizers, you bypass all of this so it takes less to get the same effect. The buzz also happens faster than the traditional method of drinking.

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This brings us to potential hazard number one. Because it bypasses the protective systems in our digestion, it is very easy to get alcohol poisoning through vaporization.

One of our body’s natural protections is to vomit when we’ve had too much. When you vaporize alcohol, that process is eliminated, making it possible to overdose very easily.

The second potential hazard is the possibility of damaging the lungs. Alcohol can dry the naturally moist passages of the respiratory tract passages and the nasal lining. This could lead to increased risk of pneumonia.

In addition, using dry ice could potentially “burn” the lung tissue. This could be especially dangerous for those who smoke, have asthma, or COPD.

Vaping Alcohol in E-juice

What about alcohol in e-juice? Alcohol has been used as a cutting agent to make e-juice thinner, and creative vapers have added a few drops of high-proof alcohol to their vape juice to either thin it out or add alcohol flavor.

However, some studies indicate that even a small amount of alcohol in e-juice may render someone too impaired to drive.

A study done by Yale researchers indicated that of 31 vape juices, one-third did not have any measurable alcohol contained in them. Almost 40% of the vape juices had 0.75% alcohol and another 23% had levels of 1 to 3 percent.

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After allowing vapers to puff on their devices, their motor skills were tested.

Participants were asked to place pins into holes with their dominant, non-dominant, and then both hands over 30 seconds. After vaping the higher alcohol content e-juice, their scores were worse than when they used the trace-alcohol e-liquid.

While vaping alcohol may sound like a thing to do, it does have its pitfalls as well as its advantages. One must take all into consideration when deciding whether, and how often, to vaporize alcohol.

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