Vaping and Seizures – Is There Really a Link?

Vaping and Seizures – Is There Really a Link?

The FDA is fear-mongering again with the latest claim – a link between vaping and seizures! When are they ever going to stop? Probably not anytime soon.


People actually reported the seizure events to the FDA and they jumped all over it. Now they’re investigating the possible link between vaping and seizures but they’re leaving out one crucial detail – as are all of the anti-vaping media: The seizures happened because the teens or young people were SWALLOWING the e-liquid.

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And they bury that fact down in the third paragraph of this article: FDA Investigating Reports of Seizures After Vaping.

CNBC is pretty slick. They’re claiming that tobacco stocks drop as the FDA investigates a possible link between seizures and vaping. What do tobacco stocks have to do with vaping? There is no tobacco in ejuice!


But since the FDA incessantly groups all vaping products in with tobacco products to fit their anti-vaping agenda, I guess it’s adversely affecting tobacco stocks. Anti-vaping logic here.

Even Fox News seems to be jumping on the anti-vaping, hyped up fear-mongering wagon with their report: “More dangers of e-cigarettes coming to light.”

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Vaping and Seizures – Skewed Reporting!

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What they are all – every media outlet reporting on the skewed information coming out of the FDA – they are all missing one important factor:

Ejuice is not meant to be DRANK. It is only SWALLOWED by stupid people!

So let’s “shame” and blame ALL vaping because a few people were stupid enough to DRINK the ejuice instead of putting into their vape device and VAPING it.

There IS NO link between vaping and seizures. There CAN be a link between seizures and DRINKING nicotine-infused e-liquid. But, I guess you just can’t fix stupid!

The RCP Reports

Here is what really gripes me. Back in 1962, The Royal College of Physicians released a report on the hazards of cigarette smoking.

Prompted by the RCP report, Surgeon General warnings started appearing on cigarette packaging and in 1970, Congress banned all cigarette ads from television.

So our government listened to the RCP when it came to the health hazards of cigarette smoking. Why won’t they believe the RCP’s report about vaping and the benefits of being able to quit smoking with the use of vaping?

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The Royal College of Physicians released a report firmly stating that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking cigarettes.

And in a subsequent report in 2018, they stated “We should allow e-cigarettes to be used on NHS sites to support smokers to remain smoke-free and help to sustain smoke-free policies.”

It All Has to Do With Money!

But will the FDA jump all over this and agree with the RCP like they did with cigarettes? Oh no! No, they won’t. Why? Money. As people move away from buying the prescription smoking cessation products in favor of vaping products, Big Pharma loses money.

As more people transition from smoking cigarettes to vaping, which has already been proven to be safer and a more successful method of quitting smoking, Big Tobacco loses money.

And since the FDA doesn’t want their biggest supporters – Big Tobacco and Big Pharma – to lose money, they will continue on with their war against vaping and continue to hype up false claims against e-cigarettes and e-juices.

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Don’t Listen to the Hype about Vaping and Seizures!

I am not a doctor – but I do have a certain level of Common Sense. I know that the e-juice I buy is not for DRINKING. It’s for VAPING with a vape device.

These skewed and hyperbolic reports are so frustrating to us vapers! We know the risks. We don’t need government telling us about them and even more, we certainly do not need government pulling products off the market that help us to QUIT SMOKING for good!

Obviously, the FDA does not want anyone to quit smoking, because its anti-vaping rules and regulations fly in the face of logic and lean more toward blatant hypocrisy.

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