Vaping Culture and Stereotypes

Vaping Culture and Stereotypes

Now that the vaping culture is seen as more than just a fad or a trend and is actually a lifestyle choice, we’re also seeing some vaping stereotypes rise above the ashes of smoking.

The guest post below, submitted on behalf of Vaping360, talks about some of the more common stereotypes that can be seen in today’s vaping culture.

5 Vaping Culture Stereotypes: Which One Are You?

The thing about vaping that’s got us so hooked is that our bodies just genuinely enjoy it. You never get that needy craving that cigarettes give, making the whole of your body beg to take a smoke break.

Most of us vape because it is fun, but not necessarily because we are addicted. But, do you know the type of vaper you are?

Here are 5 common stereotypes; maybe one will sound familiar to you.

1. The Cloud is the Limit Vaper

This is a vaper who’s always wearing ‘hipster’ clothing. For them, vaping is all about a real fix of nicotine and some great flavor.

High watt mods and low resistance coils are their preferred choice as their aim is to blow out a whole lot of vapor clouds, without caring about those around them.

You are likely to spot the cloud is the limit type of vaper in a vape shop surrounded by other vapers as they compete to blow out the most impressive cloud.

These vapers may also be more inclined to use a portable vaporizer for dry herb as opposed to a standard vape pen.

2. The Trick Obsessed Vaper

This is the vaper most of us probably aspire to be. They’re constantly learning new vape tricks with their vaping device and will keep a group of people constantly entertained.

Most of their time is probably spent on YouTube learning the tricks, but once they’re perfected, everyone will know about it. Some of the most popular vaping tricks include:

  • The Waterfall
  • The Ghost Hit
  • Blowing Os
  • French Inhale
  • Jelly Fish
  • Dragon
  • Vape Bubbles
  • Triangles


3. The Vaping Activist

This is the vaper that probably spends more of their time talking about vaping than actually vaping. They’re constantly campaigning for it and will come down on anyone who tries to call it a health risk.

Whenever a non-vaper tries to tell them how bad it is, they’ll already have a pre-prepared speech to shut them down. Some may go as far as taking part in movements, whilst others may simply stick to verbal tactics.

4. The Brooding Vape Attendant

This category in the vaping culture is your typical attendants at the vape shop. They have a great love for vaping and more often than not can’t be bothered with the clients.

While there are a good number of friendly attendants in vape shops, this particular one would be happier if all the clients would just disappear and let them enjoy some uninterrupted vaping.

They become extremely irritated when asked rookie questions. Perhaps the best time of day for this attendant is closing up shop at the end of the night, sitting in the backroom and vaping away before heading home.

5. The Vaping Clown

This is the most excited vaper you are ever going to meet, and they also love getting free vaping stuff. Know of a person who is always asking for a free sample? They go from one vaping shop to another looking for a free goodie.

vaping culture clown

They’ll probably be looking to purchase a vape starter kit as their knowledge on what to buy may be limited. Needless to say, that this is the biggest enemy of the brooding vape attendant.

The favorite pastime of a vaping clown is relaxing with the freebies they managed to score for the day. Eventually, their knowledge will expand and they’ll constantly be bombarding you with everything they think they know.

Do you fit into any of these vaping culture categories or do you know of anyone who does? Or maybe you know of another stereotypical vaper we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments!

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