Vaping Dry Herb – 7 Tips to Follow

Vaping Dry Herb – 7 Tips to Follow

Whether you choose to start vaping dry herb as a medical marijuana patient or you’ve found other dry herbs to vape recreationally, there are some things you should know ahead of time. It’s not like vaping ejuice!

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7 Tips to Follow If You’re Vaping Dry Herb

Both smokers and non-smokers have been turned off by the side-effects of traditional cigarette smoking – the smell, the combustion aspect, and even the general dark and dirty experience of smoking.

Enter vape pens and vaporizers, as well as several reports stating that liquid or dry herb vapor is somewhat less harmful than cigarette smoke. The attractiveness of a device that heats dry herb (weed), e-liquid, wax concentrates, or even CBD oil is causing major appeal.

The smooth inhalable vapor doesn’t feel harsh or taste burnt and most come with some kind of unique and fun flavorings, have features like battery packs that charge your phone, and really just look very neat.

Many traditional smokers who have made the switch to vaping have never looked back; they don’t find a reason to.

Cannabis users are also inclined to try vaping dry herb with personal vaporizers since they can vape dry herb (loose leaf), wax concentrates like shatter and dab, cannabis oil, or even ejuice containing CBD oil.

With so many medicinal benefits cannabis offers, it’s simply a no-brainer to try a vaporizer.

Here are a few tips to follow before you start vaping dry herb.

1. Purchase a vape pen that suits your needs (not your friends).

You’ve probably run into someone in the vaping community that swears by their vape pen and never is seen without it.

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It helps to realize that vape pens your friends might love could prove useless to you because their are so many different features in the vaporizers out there.

It’s important to choose something that’s perfect for you by knowing what your needs are in vaping dry herb. For instance, if you want to vape both dry herb and oil, you need to choose a vaporizer that offers both mechanisms.

Some vape pens come with an option to vape only dry herbs but a few others allow both dry herb and liquid vaping. Also, some vaporizers don’t function well in high temperatures and this can be an issue later if you need more power in the form of wattage, so it’s best to do some research before you buy one.

2. Pay attention to how you inhale (it actually matters)

It’s important to get to know your vaporizer and not give it the same treatment as a pipe. You don’t want to give it a hard “rip”, rather a steady light inhale will do best when vaping because the cool air will change the temperature of the heating chamber.

This can cool it down drastically giving less efficient vapor production. Also, dry herb can get stuck when you vape too hard, so keep that in mind when you start vaping.

3. Take care of your vape device!

Vape pens are expensive especially when they come with a lot of features and you need to maintain it by cleaning it regularly. Follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer and clean any parts if they become clogged or fail to function after a while.

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Vape pens may seem expensive but they last longer and prove to be a great investment, if and only if they are properly maintained.

4. To grind or not to grind

While some vaporizers actually require you to grind cannabis or other dry herbs, others may not need that at all. This depends on whether you have a convection or conduction vaporizer.

For convection vaporizers, the bud generally needs to be ground into a fine texture. Conduction vaporizers will function well even if you don’t grind it too much because the heat is dispersed on the plant material and all the sides are heated evenly.

5. Grinders are (actually) an investment

Most people think that they can simply crush dry herb with their hands before loading the vaporizer, but unfortunately it doesn’t work that way. It’s essential to buy a good grinder that grinds your herbs to a fine texture as this allows the heat to disperse evenly throughout the dry herb when it is vaped.

Grinding properly also makes sure that you are getting the most out of your dry herb because all parts are vaped and nothing is missed.

6. Vaporizer Screens

Some vaporizers have their heating coils directly in contact with the dry herb and this method is not as pleasant as those that utilize screens. To overcome this issue, screens separate the coils from the herb to ensure good taste and less burn, so that you get the best experience possible.

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7. Packing (the right and wrong way)

Dry herb vaporizers work well only when they are packed right. Each vaporizer will have unique loading instructions based on its’ heating method and oven functionality.

There is a learning curve with packing your dry herb bowl so make sure to test different densities and temperature settings to dial in an efficient vapor production.

For example, the Pax 3 vaporizer operates best using a half packed chamber. Personally, I rarely use it with a full oven as it does not vape as efficiently. Whereas the Firefly 2, I find works best with a packed bowl.

My Final Thoughts

Vaping can be fun, tasty, and even good for your health, but only if it’s done right. Hopefully the knowledge I have shared from personal experience of over six years of vaping will guide you to avoid the frustrating experiences that ultimately lead vapers others back to their bongs. Happy dry herb vaping to you!

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