Vaping in Public – Follow Some Rules of Etiquette

Vaping in Public – Follow Some Rules of Etiquette

Even the most experienced vapers sometimes need a refresher on the etiquette of vaping in public. There’s no real “rule book” on vaping etiquette, so the simplest thing to keep in mind is – don’t be rude!

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Vaping in Public – Vaping Etiquette: 101

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, there has been a huge increase in vapers within the last couple of years. Many are vaping in public while walking to class, working or doing other activities. Some even vape while sitting at public dinner tables.

At a certain point, it is important to step back and analyze your actions. Always make sure you are respectful to the public around you. Being polite can create a positive image for the vaping culture and promote the use of common curiosities and etiquette.

Vape in Designated Areas

It is important when vaping in public to use areas designated for vaping/smoking. Vapers should follow the same rules as smokers. Do not vape in crowded or closed spaces. This means avoids the vaping urge when in theaters, on public transportation, etc.

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If for some reason an issue arises, keep calm and an open attitude. Do not let anger lead to arguments. Always communicate with those around you and make sure they are okay with you vaping around them.

Vaping in Public Around Children

If you can avoid vaping in front of children, make it happen. Many times parents are overprotective when it comes to secondhand smoke and their children.

Even if the area where the child is located is a legal vaping spot, take a short walk and find another place where you can vape, it is respectful and proper vaping etiquette.

Keep E-Liquids Safe

When vaping in public, e-liquids are essential. Make sure these juices are safe at all times. You do not want to be in a public place and have an accident or leakage. Remember without the juice you have nothing to vape!

vaping in public eliquids

It’s equally important to keep e-liquids out of the reach of children and pets. The liquids can be harmful to young children. Be aware of those around you at all times.

Avoid Vape Clouds

Whether you have been a bystander, an offender, or the attacked, I’m sure you’ve witnessed smoke and or vapor being exhaled into someone’s face. This is an absolute NO-NO. It doesn’t matter if you vape or not, no one wants to stand in vapor clouds, especially someone else’s.

vaping in public clouds

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Vaping is not smoking; all real vapers know that. Even though the vapor is far cleaner than smoke, it is irritating to others when they become engulfed in vape clouds.

Refrain from cloud chasing when vaping in public. There is no need to blow huge vape clouds in public when people are eating, working, etc. Doing so is extremely rude.

Don’t Be a Snob

Just like any other technology item, there will always be better vaporizers and brands. Do not put yourself on a pedestal or look down on other vapers for their vape brand or mod of choice.

vaping in public snob

Showing off your device to enhance someone’s knowledge is different than bragging to make one’s vape seem useless. At the end of the day, vapers all share the same hobby and should support each other for it.

Pick Up After Yourself

Cartridges, e-liquid capsules, batteries and other disposable parts are used when vaping. It is important to make sure you dispose of these things appropriately.

vaping in public tools

Leaving these tools and items laying around can be annoying to people as well as cause hazards. Do not let your pastime threaten another person.

Educate People

Always keep a positive outlook, especially when vaping in public. If someone is uneducated on vaping and is interesting in learning, teach them. Knowledge is very valuable. Spread the word on the benefits of vaping and the expanding culture.

Vaping in public can be fun but only when proper etiquette is followed. Remember to always consider the people around you. It is easy to get swept up by the excitement of the new technology.

Being careless and disrespectful to others defeats the purpose and wastes the advantages that come along with a vaper. Be considerate and always follow vaping etiquette.

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