What Is Your Why to Quit Smoking

What Is Your Why to Quit Smoking

I’ve been hearing the phrase What Is Your Why or ‘What’s Your Why’ lately but it’s in the network marketing field, mainly:

  • Why do you want to work for yourself?
  • Why network marketing?
  • Why affiliate marketing?
  • Why a blog?

So why quit smoking? What is your why – your reason for wanting to quit? Do you even have one? I didn’t, until I was forced to. And then it wasn’t even my ‘why.’ It was the doctor’s reason and my dentist’s reason.

My ‘why’ was given to me, leaving me not much choice actually. I quit because the doctor’s said so.

But let’s look some other reasons why you should quit. Maybe one or more of them will hit it home for you too.

Your Job
I took a temp assignment one day – that’s all it lasted too – one day, in fact, I don’t think I even made it through the whole day. I didn’t find out until I showed up for work that not only were the offices smoke-free, the entire property was smoke-free! I couldn’t even go out and sit in my own car and have a cigarette as long it was in their parking lot.

Personally, I think that’s going a bit to the extreme, but it was their company, and that’s the reputation they wanted to maintain. Funny for an off-track wagering company, I thought, but whatever.

Maybe your company has moved to being completely smoke-free, and you can’t leave your office or your post frequently enough to get your smoke fix. That’s incentive enough for some people to quit.

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what-is-your-why-coverupYour Kids – Your Grandkids, Maybe
My daughter hid my cigarettes behind all the food in the freezer once when she was little. She was hoping I’d just quit smoking. Didn’t work.

From when he was kid clear up until he moved out with his wife, every time my son walked into a room while I was smoking, he’d pull his shirt up over his mouth.

And then, he said my grandchildren couldn’t visit if I was going to smoke around them.

I promised I wouldn’t – and I didn’t. When they went down for a nap, I stepped out on the porch and puffed away outside.

In fact, I was 50 yrs old before my son would give me a hug – as an adult – after I’d quit smoking.

But that wasn’t why I’d quit. We’ll get to that part.

Your Spouse – Significant Other – Partner
My husband and I met online through a dating service. He knew before he even met me that I was a pretty heavy smoker. He wanted to meet me anyway, and didn’t have much to say about it except No Smoking inside of his house. No problem.

In fact, it wasn’t a problem until after we got married. And that’s when the digs and snarky remarks started. We used to get into some all-but knock-down, drag-out fights over my smoking!

what-is-your-why-one-stepI did try to quit a couple of times after we got married. I used the patch, I tried cold turkey; I couldn’t chew gum because of my dentures.

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I tried the “One Step” filters and fake cigarettes – actual fake cigarettes – cheap plastic things that didn’t light up or have any taste.

After one pretty serious argument, I flat out yelled at him – “You knew before we even MET that I was a smoker. If you wanted a non-smoker for a wife, you shouldn’t have ever met me in the first place!”

“And if I ever hear one more sarcastic remark about my smoking, you can damned well find another wife because I’ll be out of here!”

He knew I was right, and figured it wasn’t worth a divorce, so he shut up about it – forever.

I finally did quit about four years into our marriage, but it wasn’t “for” him or as a result of him getting on my nerves with his remarks. My smoking was leading to some adverse medical issues that resulted in me being forced to quit.

What Is Your Why? Your Social Life Maybe?
More and more people are quitting all the time. No, I don’t memorize or blog about statistics. It doesn’t matter how many people are quitting or not, or starting to smoke again or not.

what-is-your-why-smoking-areaSmoking and the decision to quit is a very personal matter. You shouldn’t base your decisions on who is or isn’t smoking.

But, I have noticed less people standing outside and smoking than I used to see.

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The “smoking sections” are getting smaller in places where designated smoking areas have been set up. And fewer people are huddled inside of them.

So maybe most of your friends today are non-smokers and you’re the one feeling left out that you need to step outside to have a smoke.

So why do you want to quit smoking?
No matter what your why is, keep this mind because it’s very, very important. When at all possible, YOU have to be the one who’s ready to quit. Just like any other addiction in the world, you can’t do it “for” someone else.

You need to do it for YOU. But even though you quit smoking for you, it benefits everyone else around you anyway.

If you’re being forced to quit due to medical reasons, it might be harder for you to quit than you think. But then again, the fear of the impending medical condition if you don’t quit might outweigh your addiction and it’ll be easier to give up the cigarettes.

Do you have a quit smoking story? Success or otherwise? Share it below!

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