What’s Your Quit Smoking Story?


With all the bans and regulations the vaping industry is getting hit with, I’ve decided to start asking my readers, ‘What’s Your Quit Smoking Story?’

We need to fight Big Government and Big Corporations to get the bans off of our Personal Vaporizers and to keep them from being lumped into ever-increasing taxes on Tobacco products.

So What’s Your Quit Smoking Story?

Have Personal Vaporizers help you quit or are they helping you stay quit?

Share your story! You can send your story in by email or you can just post it in a comment below!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and this page!

Vape On!

Here’s our newest story sent in by Jeff Charlesworth with CIRRUSbox

Here’s a story sent in by “shakka_vapes_act”

Send in your story here…

Or leave a comment below!

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