Where Can You Vape Legally in 2017?

Where Can You Vape Legally in 2017?

Where can you vape today? E-cigarette and vaping regulations vary around the world. Check out our guide to where you can vape legally in the EU, UK and US.

Guest post submitted by Omar Nour.

Where’s Hot and Where’s Not-Where Can You Vape Legally in 2017

As the vaping phenomenon continues to spread like wildfire around the globe, it seems the laws, crackdown, taxes, advert regulations and bans are just as infectious. In 2017, e-cigarette regulations – and those on vaporizers in general – vary from place to place in the EU, UK and the US.

However, many governments have begun to impose new consumer laws, regulations, bans and taxes about vaping e-cigs specifically in public places. Most recently, the UK initiated new groundbreaking consumer regulations about e-cigarettes.

To answer the question of where can you vape legally, here is a rundown guide on where’s hot and where’s not to legally vape in 2017.

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Where is it Not Hot to Legally Vape?

In the ever-changing landscape of e-cigarette regulations, in 2016 and 2017, many countries began to impose legal bans in public places and taxes on e-cigarettes. In true domino-effect, so far in the EU eleven countries have jumped on the bandwagon.

These include Finland, Hungary, Luxembourg and Poland. In 2016 Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Portugal and Latvia introduced new e-cigarette taxes.

It could be that these countries place e-cigarettes on par with tobacco, cigarettes and alcohol, or they associate the practice with negative health risks. It could also be that they are against the lingering smell or clouded smoke that accompanies vaping.

Another legitimate reason could be that these governments see an opportunity to exploit and raise revenue from e-cigarette taxes. Whatever the reason, these monumental bans seem to be sweeping the world.

In May 2017, the UK just introduced new landmark regulations that target tobacco for e-cigarettes. In the UK, vaping is not being banned but there are a myriad of new rules for manufacturers and suppliers.

There is also a limit on refilling containers to 10ml, disposable cartridges limited to 2ml, a ban on vitamins, colourings and additives and health warnings placed on the packaging.

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If shops do not comply with the new rules, it can become illegal to sell vaping products.

The trend for restrictions is also sweeping across America. In places like San Francisco and California, there has been a crackdown on vaping in public places in the same way cigarettes are prohibited.

Vaping Regulations Guide by Giant Vapes.

Where’s Hot to Legally Vape?

For seasoned vaping champs, it’s more important to hit the locations that are a little more vaping-friendly. As of January 2017, some of the best cities in which to vape in the US include Seattle, Tampa, Las Vegas, Denver, and Virginia Beach.

In these cities you can generally smoke freely in public places, including restaurants, shops and beaches. In some of these cities like Denver, it is up to each establishment to decide its own regulations.

As the vaping rules are constantly changing, it’s a good idea to check online before visiting each hotspot.

Where is it Legally Cool to Vape?

The vaping regulations, rules, bans and taxes for each country are constantly subject to local laws and are regularly changing due to the political landscape and vested interests.

If you want to make sure that you can enjoy your vaping to the max, here is a rundown of some of the fail-safe places to vape.

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  • Your own property. Logistically it is legal to vape in your own property, including apartments and rental homes. This may be subject to the landlord’s permission, but as a general rule, it’s probably the best place to master your vaping talents and prep for competitions.
  • Sidewalks. There are generally no blanket bans on vaping on the sidewalk, except for places like El Currito, California. It’s still a good idea to be aware of the local laws while travelling from place to place.
  • In your car. You can also generally vape in your car, in the same way you can smoke cigarettes in your car. There have been some cases of people being pulled over by the police as vaping causes quite a visual distraction and it could be mistaken for smoking cannabis – even when it is just e-liquid.
  • Public parks. In the US, it is generally legal to vape in parks as well.
  • Your own private business. In America, it is legal to vape in a business that you own, although again this is subject to local laws.
  • Where you work. In a workplace, you can usually vape in the areas designated to smokers, although this is also subject to each business, so the ideal scenario is to probably do your own research.

Where Can You Vape Legally? The Verdict

The most fail-safe place to vape is probably from the comfort of your own home.

As each location is subject to local laws, most places like public airports, universities and buildings have designated smoking areas where you can vape as well.

The bottom line, if you’re ever in doubt about other places where it is legal to vape, the golden rule is to always check online, with a legal expert or ask before you take that vape out of your pocket.

To keep up with the latest US E-Cigarette laws, you can visit the Public Health Center.

To Keep up with the latest UK and EU E-Cigarette Laws, you can visit the UK –E-Cigarette Gov Guide.

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  1. Great article but times are changing and I believe the vaping restrictions are also changing state by state. For example, in my area (Santa Barbara, Southern California) we can’t vape in our public parks.

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