Why Do People Vape? Here are Five Top Reasons

Why Do People Vape? Here are Five Top Reasons

People who aren’t into “vaping” may not even know why do people vape in the first place. Some ex-smokers seem to think others can just quit like they did and can’t understand the reason for vaping. They think it’s replacing one bad habit for another.

So I decided to visit some forums and see if I could answer the question of Why do people vape?

1. To Quit Smoking and Stay Quit

Most smokers used one of many different types of vapes, starting with an ecig that looks and feels like a cigarette, to quit smoking. Some people quit vaping once they’ve weaned down to zero nicotine. Others keep vaping out of habit or they move on and up to a variety of vaping devices, like higher end mods.


2. It’s a Vape Thing

Some people are social vapers. Like a social smoker, they only vape when they’re out socially – at a bar or other social event. They hang out with other vapers or they even hang out with smokers but they vape instead.

Some social vapers tend to gravitate toward higher end vaping devices instead of the “cig-a-like” ecigs because they’re more trendy.

Did you know that the word “VAPE” was added to the dictionary in 2014-15? Pretty cool!

why do people vape dictionary

3. It’s a Hobby

A vaper hobbyist is someone who owns a variety of vaping devices. They can tell you about all the different parts of a device, what works and what doesn’t, and often build their own types of vapes.

These are the vapers you might see in a lounge making huge O rings with their billows of vape clouds. And like a car enthusiast, probably has a room full of the oldest to the most modern devices and knows everything you need to know about vaping.

4. Vaping as a Medicinal and Relaxation Therapy

Herbalists may use vaping to help with medical symptoms such as migraines, and instead of using regular, nicotine-based ejuices, they lean toward vaping herbs and juices with therapeutic value.

5. Vape “Connoisseurs”

Like a wine connoisseur, these vapers love the taste, the hits and producing large vapor clouds. Vape connoissers like experimenting with a variety of new flavors and even flavor combinations and the PG/VG ratio in their ejuices.

So Why Do People Vape?

For any number of reasons, but there is a consensus among avid vapers that no one should start vaping just for the sake of doing it because “everyone else is doing it.”

You shouldn’t start vaping if you’ve never smoked, like you shouldn’t start smoking just because “everybody else is.”

The best reason for why people vape is mostly because they want to quit smoking traditional or analog cigarettes. The infographic below, provided by VapingCheap.com describes the differences between combustible cigarettes and personal vaporizers, and why most people start vaping in place of smoking.

Have a comment or question? Post below! Let us know why YOU vape!

why do people vape

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2 thoughts on “Why Do People Vape? Here are Five Top Reasons”

  1. Why do I vape? I put down my cigarettes on Mar. 14, 2016 (after 40 years of smoking at least a pack a day) and switched to vaping. I have not touched a cigarette since, nor do I want to. I don’t miss the smell, the mess, the expense, the shortness of breath – none of it. I don’t think I could have quit without the vaping to switch to. And I’ve lowered my nicotine level over the last 9 months – can’t do that with cigarettes – from 18 mg. to 6 to 9 mg. now. All in all, I think I made the right choice!

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