YiHi SX Mini Line Wins the Market

YiHi SX Mini Line Wins the Market

Vaping devices from the line YiHi SX mini win the hearts of not only professional vapers with years of experience; even beginner vapers can find the best box mod for themselves. A great combination of style and the latest technologies!

Guest post by Linda Miller

How YiHi SX Mini Line Wins the Market

YiHi SX mini is a Chinese company specialized in developing high-quality vaping devices. Their quest for continuous innovation and their mission to provide top products to vapers leads to the production of the best vaping devices.

Box mods produced by YiHi SX mini contain an innovative chip developed by the company, which gives the devices higher functionality and ensures top performance.

One of the defining characteristics of all YiHi SX mini products is their stylish design. The company aims at producing top quality vaping devices implemented with the latest Bluetooth technology with a modern and stylish appearance. Their devices combine functionality and beauty as they contain the best technology and come in colorful options.

YiHi SX mini also provides vaping accessories such as cables, silicone sleeves, battery caps, and more. The company produces five main classes of vaping devices.

With so many impressive features, you need to know more about each product line so here is a review of YiHi SX mini devices to help you choose the best product for your needs.

1. YiHi SX Mini Q Class

This modern-looking vaping device combines a modern design with impressive functions. YiHi SX mini Q Class has a dual 18650 battery which can manage 200 watts.

yihi sx mini Q

The mod chipset gives it smart power management and enables users to switch between five taste mods: Eco, Standard, Powerful, Powerful+, and SxiQ S1 S5.

The SxiQ technology supports customization of the taste while the Bluetooth control option allows you to adjust all the vaping device settings from your phone.

Other two smart features of this device are the anti-dry burning system, which, along with the temperature control technology, are praised in many user reviews.

2. Yihi SXmini SL Class

This vaping mod looks like a work of art and has impressive features which give it top performance. It comes in three battery options, 18650, 20700, and 21700, which provide it with a maximum output of 100 watts.

yihi sx mini SL

Thanks to the YiHiSX485J Chipset, the Yihi SXmini SL Class provides a consistent output. Like the Q Mini, it is equipped with Bluetooth control which enables the user to adjust the settings from their smartphone.

This vaping device supports heating elements settings. This mod is equipped with smart technology, which enables the user to choose between five taste mods and adjust the output curves. The Novice mode helps beginners operate the device, which is a great bonus.

3. YiHi SX Mini T Class

YiHi SX mini T Class sports a modern design and offers a consistent output, thanks to the trademark YiHi SX580J chipset. The dual 18650 batteries allow the device to reach 200 watts while the atomizer resistance offers one of the best performance in the dual battery segment.

yihi sx mini T

It features a bright screen with a clock interface that comes in handy. The top spinner and the joystick spinner give this device high maneuverability. Nice features of this e-cig are changeable back colors and the animated wallpaper, which are sure to delight a hardcore user.

Along with the Bluetooth technology, these features provide high control over the performance and look of the Yihi SX Mini T Class.

4. YiHi SX mini G Class

YiHi SX mini G Class was designed to provide extreme customization and top performance. Equipped with SX550J chipset, it has dual 18650 batteries which produce up to 200 watts and support SS, Ti and Ni coils.

The unique SXi-Q Taste Curve Control System enables the user to play with a great variety of options and save five curve settings. Like other YiHi products, it has Bluetooth control app and a clear OLED screen which displays the data in bright colors.

The joystick makes the device easy to operate and the Kevlar, Carbon, and Leather finishes complete the amazing design of this mod.

5. YiHi SX mini MX Class

This is the latest mod of YiHi and comes with the advanced SX350J-BT chipset and Bluetooth technology. These enable the YiHi SX mini MX Class to provide a consistent output as well as variable wattage and joule modes.

The maximum power is 75 watts and it is equipped with DC-DC buck-boost technology which guarantees high efficiency. There are five taste mods to choose from. These are Powerful, Powerful+, Standard, Soft, and SXQ-S1~S5.

SX mini MX Class can be charged on a USB port for maximum convenience. The elegant, curved design is completed by an OLED display and a button which allows 360-degree manipulation.

The vaping industry is growing rapidly; as new devices are created each day. the demand for e-cigarettes is sure to fuel this growth. SX-Mini aims to bring the best vaping devices at the mid range prices to the user, so you can invest in the best product for your growing needs.

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